SUNY Issues Layoff Notices to 500 LICH Workers

Update: there will be a complete LICH update at the Cobble Hill Association’s Fall Meeting this Monday, October 28, 7:30 p.m., at the Cobble Hill Health Center, 380 Henry Street. More details here. According to Crain’s New York Business, SUNY Downstate Medical Center has sent layoff notices to 500 workers at Long Island College Hospital. The notices are effective this coming Tuesday, October 29. SUNY says this is being done to bring staffing levels to what is appropriate given LICH’s current level of operation which, by court order, has been was to be maintained at the level it was on July 19. Unions representing most of the affected workers are planning to go to court seeking an injunction to halt the layoffs.

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  • nombre

    LICH’s current level of operation which, DESPITE a court order requiring SUNY to maintain LICH services at the level they were at on July19th 2013, SUNY has engaged in preventing doctors from admitting patients, delivering babies, and performing surgeries. It has steadfastly kept doctors and patients out of LICH, refusing to allow LICH to provide the services it provided on July 19th & then has the audacity to play a word game in an effort to deceive the public. When will someone slap the cuffs on these criminals?

  • gc

    I hope DeBlasio has his eye on the ball over at LICH. We are expecting him to succeed in keeping our hospital open!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Please join us for a very important Cobble Hill Association meeting concerning Long Island College Hospital on Monday (10/28) evening at 7:30 PM.

    All are welcome.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Monday (Oct.28th) High Noon (12 PM!) Rally with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, NYSNA, and community members to stop SUNY’s cuts to vital patient care services and proposed layoffs of LICH caregivers. Meet at LICH Playground at Henry Street.

  • Joyce David

    It’s a good thing the big guy is still looking after us.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    You got that right!

  • Mike Obermuller

    The big guy in all of this is Andrew Cuomo. He is calling all the shots. The SUNY Chancellor is #2. At Downstate is a tempoary President in Dr Williams who has a two year contract and answers to the Chancellor. Most everyone else was replaced with Pitt Consultants who answer to the Chancellor. This is Cuomo versus a potential mayor. Who do you think will win? Rumor says Cuomo told L.I.J. to back off any interest in LICH.

  • Bob Sacamano

    I would like to see the hospital stay open if only to keep the Taco Bell Express around.

  • John H

    The Brooklyn Hospital solution:

  • js

    My daughter was a SUNY student when that new Chancellor came in, took one look at the new beautifully renovated, growing campus & ordered it shut down. Students sued in Supreme Court but while waiting for the courts decision, the campus emptied out when students went home for summer. In the meantime, faculty & staff was laid off or reassigned to another SUNY campus. Students were transferred out & newly accepted freshmen were told the school was closing & they should choose another. Months of chaos & disruption & community & elected officials outrage ensued. But the court took months to decide the case. By the time the court ruled that it was an illegal closure & the campus had to be restored as it was before the closure, SUNY said it was impossible to comply because all the students, staff, & faculty had “moved on” & “theres no one left to restore it with”. They steam rolled over those students & implemented their closure plan before the court’s decision & although they were found to have done so illegally & lost their case in court, they got their way by default. That’s their MO. That’s what theyre trying to do at LICH. That’s what we’re not going to let happen here.
    The one of the 2 state elected officials who helped the students with their case against SUNY was former Cobble Hill resident Senator Ken Lavalle – now the chair of the NY Senate Committee on Higher Education – the overseer of SUNY. He needs to know that LICH is not some little rural college campus few hundred poor students that SUNY can do whatever it wants to & get away with it.

  • j

    Layoffs were cancelled. The 2 court orders still stand forbidding SUNY from closing LICH. Getting rid of hundreds of staff would be just another way of closing. NYSNA & the attorneys informed SUNY that they were prepared to serve H Carl McCall & every SUNY trustee, holding them responsible for SUNYs contempt of court orders on Monday. No surprise the layoffs were cancelled.