New York Observer Looks At Capote’s 70 Willow Street

Sure, Tony Award winning theatrical designer Oliver Smith owned 70 Willow Street when Truman Capote lived there from the 1955 – 1965, but for some it will always be “Truman’s house”. The New York Observer has a nice piece today about that home and others in the city who are “haunted” by their famous former residents.

70 Willow Street is one of them. Regarding the property today they write:

AND NOW… He could have gone to Tiffany’s, but instead Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser bought the distinctly yellow 11-bedroom mansion for $12.5 million last year. That’s the most ever paid for a Brooklyn home—he, too, must live here by choice. Mr. Houser and his wife, Krystyna, enjoy one of the rarest of New York amenities: a driveway. “It’s like living in a country estate in the middle of New York City,” said Karen Heyman, the Sotheby’s broker who sold the property. “It takes your breath away.” The double parlor still features many of its original design elements. According to the listing, “Jeffersonian floor-to-ceiling pocket windows and French doors lead to the Federal-style columned veranda,” while the 38 windows, facing east, south and west, highlight the library, artist’s studio and “interior period detailing.” The house also has two eat-in chef’s kitchens, so you’ll be able to breakfast in a style that would suit Holly Golightly.

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  • Klezmer O’Brien

    Fabulous house. Wonderful block. Great neighborhood.