Open Thread: The Best Sandwich in Brooklyn Heights

While there aren’t that many super-fantastic dinner options in Brooklyn Heights,  the neighborhood is packed with lunch options.   What is your go-to place for a quality lunch sandwich?

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  • Simon

    Plymouth Cafe is great. Wish they were open later.

  • HDEB

    Chicken Shwarma Sandwich at Heights Falafal on Henry Street.

  • CryBaby

    The only places that are consistently good for lunch are Lassen’s or Court Order. And I have lived here for 22 years.

  • Josh

    The Cranberry Park at Lassen’s – a classic!

  • Meisee

    My favorite is the curry chicken sandwich at Cranberry’s. Yum!

  • ABC

    what’s the plymouth cafe?

  • DLO11201

    Tazza’s sandwiches are great!

  • Publius

    I second HDEB on Height Falafal. Also Tutt Cafe has a good chicken wrap.

    But the best sandwich is in DUMBO as La Bagel Delight: The Godfather. Lasts me two lunches. Truly a Dagwood.

  • Jose Uribe

    La Bagel Delight makes the best sandwich, hands down.

  • http://. guest

    I would nominate Prime Meats on Clark for a pretty darn good deli sandwich. Their italian combo on a roll is my go-to in the neighborhood.

  • Saint Ann

    I alternate between the Eiffel tower at lassen’s and the baddaboom at Ho(t) Bag(el)s

  • Jo

    Plymouth Cafe is at the corner of Henry and Pineapple. Agree that they have good sandwiches but they don’t seem to be open later than 5 or 6 PM, ever.

    Would have to agree with “guest” that the sandwiches at Prime Meats are a nice option.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Agree on the Cranberry Park at Lassen & Hennings. Fabulous!

  • my2cents

    Does a hamburger count as a sandwich? Then 5 guys would be my nominee! Also I tried the kosher style hot dog and it was very,very good!

  • Claude Scales

    My usual of late has been the smoked turkey with sliced apple and honey mustard on croissant at Lassen; when I’m feeling famished I sometimes go for their Smokin’ Henry. Another great option is the falafel sandwich with everything at Damascus Bakery on Atlantic.

    Guest: thanks for the tip on the Italian combo at Prime Meats. I’ll give it a try.

    While this is outside the Heights, has anyone tried the Vietnamese sandwich place on Atlantic somewhere, I think, between Smith and Hoyt? I love well-made Vietnamese sandwiches, but haven’t gotten there yet for lunch.

  • weegee

    “Da Gooch” at Hot Bagels (grilled chicken, mozzarella, tomato) is my all-time favorite.

  • Jen

    Claude, I think you mean the “smokey turkey” sandwich — at least that’s what the label used to say. Lassen is my go-to place for sandwiches but I’m excited about the Plymouth Cafe tip.

  • Hello Brooklyn

    Chicken cutlet, lettuce and tomato at Fascatis. Just like Nanny used to make.

  • Alan

    I’ll have to try to prime meats sandwich as well. I didn’t know they had them. So far, the best Italian Combo in the area that I’ve had is at Brooklyn Heights Deli. La Bagels’ is pretty good, as is Hot Bagels’.

    I think my favorite sandwiches though are at Garden of Eden. I’m talking about the “Manager’s Specials” using the meat they have sitting in the steam trays. Brisket, Roast Beef, Corned Beef, and I think Pastrami. Really good stuff. They only have those on weekdays, though.

  • henry & state

    chicken cutlet parm @ fascatis OR a PB&J from my kitchen – delicious

  • bklnman

    The Vietnamese Sandwich is the “Classic” at Nicky’s…
    311 Atlantic Ave. (btwn Smith & Hoyt)
    closed on mondays. its amazing. it aint in the heights, but its worth the walk.

  • Senor Salsa

    SIGGY’S Steak Sandwich. Super fresh, ORGANIC, and tasty, tasty, tasty. I also recommend their chicken cutlet sandwich as well as the All Mighty Tuna.

    Fresh is the key word here.

  • Tina

    Tazza on Clark St. makes a GREAT sandwich- the brie with the ham..yummm

  • E G

    Does anyone realize that Theresa Makes the best tuna around? Try it!

  • R

    tazza on henry has the best of the panini’s, yumm.
    but then lassen’s chicken parm is not bad neither!

  • rocco

    Siggy’s burgers are like no other. Definitely not 5 guys (not that I’m knocking them). Organic meat with their special blend of spices. Not a kobi burger or 5 guys but unique, fresh and tasty. Siggy on Henry

  • vspingola

    Of course it’s the Cranberry Park at Lassen and Hennigs…although I order mine with out cranberrys. Oh..and Tazza sandwiches don’t count. When they get nicer people behind the counter then *maybe* I will reconsider.

    Let’s all not forget Hot Bagel and Deli makes a mean egg and cheese.
    Gotta love a sandwich.

  • joe

    Not mentioned here but F. Martinella on court has great pre-made and made to order sandwiches and cheaper than Lessen.

    I like the tuna at Lassen the best and their soups are better than Martinella. also they are really nice people.

    Nicky’s is pretty god awful. I much prefer Hanco’s which I think has the best Vietnamese sandwiches I’ve had so far. I miss Kim Paris on Montague though and wish my fellow BHers patronized them more.

    I like plymouth but dislike the bread they use. I like the bread at Tazza but somehow the meat combos and cheese don’t work for me.

  • Bongo

    The merguez sandwich at Tutt Cafe is the crown prince of sandwiches in the Heights. Cranberry’s also does good work in the sandwich department. I should know, I am a direct descendant of the Earl of Sandwich!

  • Bongo

    not really