Friends Of The Brooklyn Heights Branch Library To Hold Gala

Friends of the Brooklyn Heights Branch Library will hold a fundraiser on October 21. Featured at the event will be author Evan Hughes. His ‘Literary Brooklyn’ looks at the rise of Brooklyn through the lens of many of its famous authors.

The Brooklyn Eagle has published an interview with Hughes:

What is your favorite bookstore in Brooklyn?

Too tough. Greenlight Bookstore is my home base, right in my neighborhood, and they’re terrific. I remember when I thought Fort Greene would never get the great bookstore it deserved. Shout-out to Jessica and Rebecca and company. BookCourt has a lovely space and gives tasty discounts on their best sellers. PowerHouse is super for big book events because of its size. I’m fond of the mad disorder of Community Bookstore on Court Street, which was a nearby favorite in my early Brooklyn days. WORD and the Community Bookstore in Park Slope are a little farther afield for me, but they have their unique charms. Basically I can’t answer your question.

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  • Question

    A very senior guy at the NY Public Library is a Heights’ guy, David Offensend (chief operating officer). Have we heardd anything from him on the subject of our library?

  • bklyn20

    Right now, the “gala” is going on. Actually, it should be called a “funeral” because this group is in favor of building a microlibrary under a megacondo. If you want a real and useful library, I hope you haven’t given any money to the Frenemies of the Brooklyn Heights Library. It’s like a group-think version of Stockholm Syndrome — like a captive who comes to love his captors, the Frenemies have come to laud their destroyer. Ratner owns the air rights, and we know how civic-minded he is.