Immigration Reform Rally At Cadman Plaza [Video]

The New York City Central Labor Council staged a rally today at Cadman Plaza in support of immigration reform. Our Karl Junkersfeld filed a video report of the rally as well as other activities in and around Brooklyn Heights on Saturday.

SFC Today: Wearing a shirt that read ‘Do I look undocumented?’ Ray Herrera, another activist stated, “Immigration reform is important to our country. We were founded by immigrants. Without open society, what is America?”

Deborah Hallen a Brooklyn Heights resident said, “If we’re not Native American Indians we’re all children of immigrants.”

Photo: Sue Raboy via Twitter

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  • Hicksanthrope

    Where’s the Ps8 Fall Festival???

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I live across the street from PS 8 and there was no festival. I was ready camera in hand.

  • HeSaid1

    No amnesty, ever.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Does that include for you and your ancestors as well?

  • SheSaid1

    I am a US Citizen. My ancestors were LEGAL immigrants welcomed by that statue and poem in NY harbor. They passed health checks, financial independence, and US sponsors.

    “Native” american were not here first. They were the first Illegal Aliens:

    And, this comment will probably not be posted because this blog is obviously run by Illegal Alien sympathizers and want only one viewpoint express.

  • Quinn Raymond

    2 different accounts responding as the same person? Typical sock puppet antics of the radical, racist right-wing.

  • David on Middagh

    Economist at HSBC notes in a dismal opinion piece that immigrant workers will be needed as Baby Boomers retire.