Weekend Open Thread 2/7/09

Flickr photo of Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade, Ugly Betty by jglsongs

Flickr photo of Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade, Ugly Betty by jglsongs

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  • Clarknt67

    The TKTS booth in Metrotech seems to be struggling. I went there today, and as usual, there was no line when it opened. The guy working there gave me a whole spiel about how I should tell my friends about it. He also gave me a free button that says “I’ve been to the new TKTS booth!”

    Please get the word around to people to GO THERE! I fear it will close if Bix doesn’t pick up.

    It’s the-bar nothing!–best commercial ammenity I’ve seen added to our hood in a decade, and I will personally be heartbroken if TDF closes it.

  • Publius

    New Op-Ed in favor of the Two Trees project as currently proposed:


  • AEB

    Forgive my ignorance, but where/what, Clarknt, is Metrotech?

    By TKTS, I assume you mean a branch of the Times Square operation that sells Broadway tickets–yes?


  • Jazz

    re TKTS – they should have put the place where the demographic is more likely to care about broadway as opposed to kung fu movies

  • E G

    Kung Fu movies? You should add that they like to eat fried chicken and watermelon. Please, if you are going to be a racist troll, bring into the 21st century.

  • Clarknt67

    TKTS, yes half price Broadway tix

  • W

    They just should have put the booth somewhere where there is foot traffic consisting of more than just people walking to their school/office buildings. Couldn’t they have found space in Fulton Mall somewhere?

  • BHCP

    I had no idea that was even there. They should put it where people might see it. Nice to know it’s in the neighborhood though.

  • bornhere

    There had been a TKTS at Borough Hall. I’m guessing they moved it because, even with all the court/Heights traffic there, it wasn’t successful.

  • Billy Reno

    They should buy ad space in the Juror’s Handbook, what with all the courthouses just spittin’ distance away.