If Those Are Really Coney Island Whitefish In The Water At Brooklyn Bridge Park, They Must Be Artisanal, Organic And/Or Sustainable

Anyone who grew up in New York City when it was “gritty” knows what about the then ubiquitous ‘Coney Island Whitefish‘.

A BHB reader spotted the now rare(?) swimmers in the water at Brooklyn Bridge Park recently and sent the accompanying photo with this dispatch:

Either it’s collecting waste from somewhere, or bbpark is a new nightspot for some.

Well, given the climate of “hipster” Brooklyn what with it’s CURATED flea markets, hand crafted pickles, wacky beards, burgers with ramen noodles acting as a bun and what not, it wouldn’t surprise us if there’s an Etsy vendor cranking these things out ironically.

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  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    Where was the reader doing his rubbernecking? Wherever it was, that water could use some prophylaxis. Or is the reader’s missive simply a Trojan horse for some ulterior purpose?