After Montague Street Tunnel Repairs, MTA Chief Says Cranberry And Clark Might Be Next

Oy to the vey folks, hot on the heels of work on the Montague Street tunnel and resulting service changes, comes word that your A,C, 2/3 service might be next. M.T.A. chairman and C.E.O. Tom Prendergast tells reporters:

CapitalNY: Another reporter asked which tube closures are coming next.

“Well the ones in lower Manhattan, so it’s more like Clark Street, it’s Montague, it’s Cranberry, but I don’t know off the top of my head which ones,” he said. “But it’s the ones in lower Manhattan where the storm surge occurred.”

The Clark Street tunnel carries the 2 and 3 trains and the Cranberry Street tube carries the A and C lines.

“We focus on, first of all, anything we can do on nightly closures is where the focus would be,” Prendergrast said. “Then you look at weekend closures, and then…a permanent seven-day-a-week for over a number of months.”

“Hopefully we can do them with just nightly closures,” he said.

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