Tale of the Tweets: Citizens Defending Libraries Wants You To Know About Their Mayoral Forum

When news happens in Cobble Hill, we publish it on Cobble Hill Blog. That, was so not enough for the Brooklyn Heights group calling itself Citizens Defending Libraries, who are hosting a forum at the Kane Street Synagogue tomorrow, that they went right to accusing BHB of being in cahoots with the BHA. Anyone who knows us knows that we’re far too interested in Lena Dunham, Paul Giamatti, celebrity chefs, helicopter noise and dog poop to have time to be in cahoots with anyone. (PS – we received the group’s presser about the event this morning)

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  • HenryLoL

    Yawn. We are going to have an amazing new library with new technology and new housing that will help Cadman Plaza West be safer and more full of life. This is a good thing — saying goodbye to that current dump.

  • Bloomy

    Glad to see the BHB has a good sense of humor.

  • Joshua Goodman

    Wow, I never knew this blog was such a hotbed. Get back to more dog poop coverage! I have to reclaim my mayorship at Harry Chapin Playground.. #DamnYouHomerFink

  • Roberto

    I just returned from the Mayoral Forum to save our libraries at the Kane Street Synagogue. Main takeaway: Throughout Bloomberg’s dozen years, developers have been encouraged to circle over public assets like libraries which have been neglected and drained of funding. Real estate interests with their free pass tax abatements and “incentives,” clearly have had their purses at the ready to buy and squeeze every dollar out of what was sold to them at bargain basement prices. Incidentally, libraries, schools, parks, firehouses and other parts of the commons were created with our money. Back up deals with zero transparency are part of the problem of why New York City is being sold out from under us.
    As someone said, “The public pays, the private gets.”
    Citizens Defending Libraries brought out another point: Bloomberg is pushing for the abolition of school librarians.