Brooklyn Heights To Get A Barre Studio

The folks at Well and Good NYC report that Brooklyn Heights will soon be the home to a barre studio. This apparently is a big deal for those who care about such things in the “boutique fitness scene”. Still doing yoga or Pilates? You are so yesterday’s news…like two years ago! And while Brooklyn is so far ahead of the world in things like curated flea markets and Ramen Burgers, we’ve been falling behind in the (really toned) arms (and legs) race.

Xtend Barre will open at 147 Remsen Street in mid-October.

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  • Moo

    Anyone know how much this will cost per class? Or if there is a membership fee? Sounds cool to me!

  • AEB

    My, my, an actual barre studio! Everything IS up-to-date in Kansas City….