#SaveLICH Flash: Justice Demarest Orders Ambulances Back

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports that New York Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Demarest has ordered the restoration of ambulance service to Long Island College Hospital, along with a re-opening of LICH’s Intensive Care Unit. Ambulance and emergency services must be restored by 3:00 p.m. this coming Monday, August 26. Justice Demarest has scheduled another hearing for Tuesday, September 3.

Thanks to BHB colleague Heather Quinlan for the tip.

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  • Nancy

    Great news!!!!

  • tl

    Thank you LICH nurses, staff & physicians. Now we can look forward to rebuilding the rest of LICH services. YOU did that. Communities owe a debt of gratitude. Would be a good start by making a donation to the physician’s legal fund to help pay for some of the legal actions that saved LICH.

  • Susan Raboy

    Just proves -fight for what is right. Amazing. There should be a block party outside of LICH on Mon. to celebrate. Patients for LICH will be there. To all who didn’t believe us that it could be done-we didn’t listen to you!

  • gc

    Great news! We can all sleep a little better.

  • Nyc


  • Nyc

    now all the white people can go to cornell anyway like usual

  • Roberto

    Great news for a community that refuses to lie down, be abused and get the air get sucked out of it.

  • Bill Ringler

    Thank you Susan, for all of your help and dedication to save LICH.

  • Rocky Raccoon


  • Kathie

    Congrats to all who worked so hard on the communities behalf. Well done!!

  • SUNYlies

    SUNY will do anything it has to do to stall this so it won’t have to pay doctors or bring back services on their (our) dime. Be prepared to hear the lies about not being able to reopen services because they “don’t have enough doctors”. Meanwhile they put the doctors out so they could close the services & now won’t let the doctors come back so they can keep the services closed. Just remember SUNY lies & the fight is not over till we have a new operator.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    True, oh so true!