Open Thread Wednesday 7/17/13

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  • Andrew Porter

    Saw three Belgian tourists at Montague and Court, who’d decided to walk in the extreme heat to Prospect Park. I tried to dissuade them, citing the distance, but I guess they didn’t believe me. Last I saw, they were headed for Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenues. I hope their bodies get shipped home for burial.

  • Cranberry Street

    Good Morning Heights,

    We are looking to overhaul our bathroom and can’t seem to find a contractor that will return phone calls! Anyone know any great contractors out there to work with? I’ve got to replace my ancient shower soon!

    Many thanks,
    Cranberry Street

  • Brixtony


    2 5 – 0 3 4 0 T H A V E N U E . • L O N G I S L A N D C I T Y , N Y • 1 1 1 0 1

    T E L . : 2 1 2 – 4 2 1 – 9 9 9 9 o r 7 1 8 – 7 8 4 – 4 0 1 1

    F A X : 7 1 8 – 7 8 4 – 4 0 1 4

    E – m a i l : C h a s e _ C o n s t r u c t i o n @ h o t m a i l . c o m

    Home Improvement License #1409536

  • Frank Ligtvoet

    I am a bit puzzled (and disappointed) that the Trayvon Martin rally at Cadman Plaza last Sunday was not covered. Especially in a blog on a neighborhood with such strong roots in the abolition and civil rights movement.

  • peahyphenelle

    Steve Angelo 718-285-3735

    He did great work finishing up and designing elements that our original contractor left undone. Tell him that Perry-Lynn recommended him.

  • BrooklynBugle

    This story has been well covered by every media outlet in the country.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have a marvelous new invention which I call “The Portable Cloud”. While this looks like a regular umbrella, it is to be used when the temperatures are making us all miserable. What you do is open your umbrella on a bright sunny day, and voila!—Portable Cloud!

    I expect to make millions from this, unless Claude Scales gets to the Patent Office before I do…

  • tancredi13

    The temperature is 70 degrees and still the Brooklyn Heights Public Library closes at 1:00 today because of temperature – humidity restrictions. Absurd! And, for a public library, not in the public interest.