Whale Carcass Towed Past Brooklyn Heights?

Update: Appearances can be deceiving! It wasn’t a whale carcass; it was a boat fender. Thanks to reader Erin Hughes for the tip.

On my morning walk today, I saw this launch motoring past Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, towing something mysterious. A miniature submarine? The flag flying from the boat’s bow staff said New York Harbor School.

I used my zoom lens to get a closer look, below:To my eye, this looks like a whale carcass partially wrapped in a rubber or PVC jacket secured by white straps. Anyone have other ideas?

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  • Heights_Neighbor

    Could you smell it?

  • Dave Shirlaw

    Mob getting bulk rate on body dumps?

  • Timothy Hurley

    Ex-gov Christie was swimming in the East River? Yuck.

  • Miss Lucy

    NYHS uses aquaculture as part of their curriculum. It may be an oyster seed bed being put in or retrieved. The students do experiments year round.

  • Knight


  • Timothy Hurley

    oops, wishful thinking.