Caught On Film: Disability Scooter Goes Missing at 87 Hicks Street In Brooklyn Heights

A reader sends us this:

My neighbor, Dave Younger, at 87 Hicks St. had his disability scooter [apparently] stolen from in front of his apartment on Tuesday, June 25, 2013. He and his wife made a police report but the police were not able to help.

The scooter was close to the curb while packages were taken inside. Mr. Younger cannot walk far and it took some time before he or his wife could return to move the scooter closer to building. Meanwhile, as you can see, a white van stopped and hurriedly picked up the scooter.

There was a video surveillance camera operating and this photo [above] was taken. The fisheye lens makes the van seem longer than usual. The van is actually the normal size.

Mr. Younger has asked me to contact you for help. His email is

If anyone has any information the family would appreciate it.

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  • Alec

    what the F$#$ is wrong with people? If these people put half as much effort into honest work as they do into ripping people off, they could afford their own scooter.

  • HenryLoL

    I have no words. This is unreal.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    What a shame, I have walked past this building and seen two scooters many times. I wish they had been caught and wish I was there to help.

  • Damien

    Playing devil’s advocate a little bit here but the scooter is in an area where generally people put their garbage or unwanted items (note that it is unattended next to a black garbage bag). Since Brooklyn Heights is an affluent area I know people do sometimes look for usable things that people have discarded. Perhaps a mistake?

  • gc

    I went past here today and it looks like the scooter is back.

  • BH Mom

    Really terrible. The police can’t make use of the tape to help find the people that stole the scooter?

  • Virginia Pruitt

    That second scooter is a new one that was secured and with an alarm. The one that was taken was used for medical transportation and was smaller. It was older but Mr. Younger needs it.

  • Virginia Pruitt

    They considered that it was an misunderstanding and would be happy if the scooter was returned. However, the van is unmarked and I noticed that several crimes in neighboring areas involved a white van. That could be coincidence but maybe not.

  • Joe A

    Without a plate number being captured or other unique markings on the van the tape will be of little value to the police.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve known him for years, but not by name. He will take the scooter all the way to Trader Joe’s, and I’ve seen him in other places around the heights.

    Crime of opportunity. Hope he notified the NYPD.