Area Man Gets In Line For Trendy Restaurant, Opts For Apps Elsewhere While Waiting

The New York Daily News has a piece today about people waiting in line for some of Brooklyn’s best restaurants. Naked waitress hotspot Roberta’s Bushwick leads the story which is where a 28 year old Manhattanite pretty much says what every resident of Brooklyn Heights since the days of Hezekiah Pierrepont has known. “If this doesn’t change my life, if this isn’t something I can’t get in the borough of Manhattan, this is wholly irrelevant,” Matt Devereaux of Murray Hill tells the paper.

One Brooklyn Heights resident spoke to the paper while waiting outside Park Slope Asian fusion eatery Talde:

NYDN: Other couples stuck in line for Talde took the drastic steps of finding activities to kill time elsewhere — or even pre-eating offsite while waiting for their table. “We left our name, we think we’re going to try and wait it out, drink somewhere else, maybe get an appetizer,” said Cari Frisch of Brooklyn Heights.

Grimaldi’s tops the paper’s list of places to eat in Brooklyn with long lines. Sticklers will note that the tabloid mistakenly says that the pizza restaurant is located in DUMBO when it is actually in (all together now) the Fulton Ferry Historic District.

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  • DIBS

    Waiting in line like this is really lame. The “trendiness” of the no reservations policies of many places in Brooklyn really confirms the second rate category for Brooklyn. Grow up restaurants.