Brooklyn Bridge Park Pool Opens June 27

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool at Pier 2 will open for business on June 27 at 10am. It will be open 7 days a week from 10 AM to 6 PM until Labor Day. This is the pool’s second year of operation. Last year, our Karl Junkersfeld took the plunge and filed this video.

A Lizzmonade stand, featuring ARTISANAL lemonade (hey it’s Brooklyn), will be open pool side. Read the full presser here:

BROOKLYN, June 20, 2013 – Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy will be opening the Pop-Up Pool at Pier 2 at 10:00 am on June 27, the same day as all New York City public pools.

The Pool will be open for the second year from 10 am to 6 pm seven days a week through Labor Day and is free to enter. Sized at 30’ by 50’, 3.5 feet deep, the pool is ideal for families. The day is divided into 45-minute swim sessions that begin every hour, on the hour, with a maximum capacity of 60 people per session. Moderately priced learn-to-swim lessons will be available from 8 am to 10 am beginning in July. Children under four feet two inches must be accompanied by an adult.

”Pull out your bathing suits and flip-flops and head down to the park,” said Nancy Webster, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy. “With its spectacular waterfront location and beachfront vibe, the pop-up pool is a great location to swim, relax, eat and drink, and enjoy a glorious summer in Brooklyn Bridge Park.”

“We are excited to welcome swimmers back to the Pop-Up Pool,” said Regina Myer, President of Brooklyn Bridge Park. “Summer is almost here and this is a great way to beat the heat.”

The addition of the temporary pool was included in the 2011 Memorandum of Understanding agreed to by the City and State Senator Daniel Squadron, along with Assemblymember Joan Millman, which allowed for continued park progress. Senator Squadron secured $400,000 in state funding for the construction of the $700,000 pool.

“The pool made a huge splash with New York families last summer. And I know things will go just as swimmingly this year,” said Senator Daniel Squadron. “I was proud to secure the pool with Assemblymember Millman as part of our agreement to move the park forward, and to help fund the pool and beach. I look forward to continuing to work together to make the pool a permanent part of the park and expand active recreation.”

“Hooray! Hooray! I am delighted to see the pop up pool reopen at Brooklyn Bridge Park,” said Assemblymember Millman. “This wonderful resource is the perfect summer attraction and one of the signature features that makes the park a unique destination for everyone.”

“The opening of the Pop-Up Pool on June 27 in Brooklyn Bridge Park is sure to make a big ‘splash.’ With its own sandy beach and stunning views of the ‘outer borough’ of Manhattan, the East River, and the world-renowned Brooklyn Bridge, there’s no doubt that visitors will be flooding in,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. “Thanks to the great work of State Senator Daniel Squadron, State Assemblymember Joan Millman, City Councilmember Steve Levin, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, things are clearly going ‘swimmingly’ in Brooklyn Bridge Park this summer.”

“Support for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool is one issue no politician should flip-flop on,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “The return of the Pop-Up Pool gives swimmers the perfect place to hang out in the sun and stay cool – summer fun the way it should be done. Thanks to Regina Myer of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, Nancy Webster of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Borough President Marty Markowitz, Senator Daniel Squadron, and Assemblymember Joan Millman for bringing back the Pop-Up Pool this summer.”

The area immediately surrounding the pool, which will be serviced by a new concessionaire, Lizzmonade Brooklyn, is bordered by a sandy beach with lounge chairs, picnic tables, and umbrellas where visitors can rest, enjoy snacks, or soak up the sun from 10 am to 11 pm.

Lizzmonade Brooklyn serves fresh, artisanal lemonades that are made to order, and will also offer light, pool-side fare for children and adults. After 6 pm, the lemonades will lend themselves to fresh sangrias, locals craft beers will be on tap, and activities such as trivia and bocce ball will be hosted on-site.

“We think there couldn’t be any more of a perfect fit than Lizzmonade and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pop-Up Pool,” said Lizzette Pagan, owner of Lizzmonade. “Summer in New York City, a poolside beach and a refreshing fruity lemonade all make for a wonderful setting with friends and family!”

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  • Andrew Porter

    Saw it today, freshly scrubbed and brimming with clear water. They were working on the café next to it. So I bought a new bottle of sunscreen in preparation.

  • ursulahahn

    Homer, please note it may be “Brooklyn,” but the word is still spelled “artisanal,” not “artisinal.”

  • Jorale-man

    I noticed they’re just starting on the extension of the path that will connect Piers 2 and 5 down by the water. I’m very curious to see this new hill taking form too. It’s possibly the most unique construction feature of the park to date.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Clearly I had an aversion to spelling it art is anal ;)

  • ursulahahn

    As you know, the adjective is derived from “artisan.” :-)

  • Andrew Porter

    I noticed large pipes under the path, and the concrete blocks to retain soil. Wonder if some sort of water-feature-on-a-hill is in the works.