Watch ‘Sam Patch’ Anti-Folk Star Jamie Block’s Latest Video Shot In Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights resident/author Virginia Heffernan alerted us to the Anti-Folk recording artist Jamie Block’s latest video which was shot in our neighborhood.

The single is from Block’s new album Whitecaps on the Hudson. Music blog MTM reviewed the disc and also provides a little background info on the performer, who has been working on Wall Street for the past few years:

MTM: Jamie self-released Lead Me Not Into Penn Station in 1996. He then found himself opening for They Might Be Giants, Brian Setzer Orchestra, and Bob Mould.
In 1998, Glen Ballard signed Jamie to his Java Records imprint under the Capitol umbrella. Once again, people loved it but then one thing led to another then another and Jamie found himself a free agent…
He turned to a life for the 1% but years later a DJ named Claudia Marshall began demanding (on-air) that Jamie “come home”. You can assume he listened.
Now Jamie is here with his anti-folk, spoken word masterpiece, Whitecaps on the Hudson.

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