Slow News Day Open Thread

Seems like the news is slow today, so what’s on your mind? What stories are percolatin’ out there that you’d like us to investigate?

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  • doctorless

    Anyone know where the walk-in clinic is on Montague?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    409 MacIntyre Avenue

    This is the Montague clinic affiliated with Kings County Memorial Hospital.

    Kings County Memorial Hospital Physician Walk-in: 902-838-0777

  • lcd

    doctorless – i discovered that the walk-in clinic that used to be on the corner of atlantic/clinton closed in november. It moved to 185 montague, 5th floor i think, and sees “walk-ins” between 9-11 a.m. Outside those hours it’s a private practice, but they took me out of pity i think when i showed up with a raging sinus infection the day before christmas.

  • Mike

    Did we ever figure out where Damon from Jack the Horse ended up?

  • Emily

    OK – I’m confused. I looked up the walk in clinic mentioned by Karl – it seems to be in Canada.

  • Publius

    Turn out tomorrow at Borough Hall for the Borough President’s hearing on the Dock St/DUMBO project.

    Folks, it’s not too late to stop this irresponsible development. Turn out to tell the Beep that we can have a proper middle school AND preserve the integrity of the Brooklyn Bridge.

    You can choose to speak, or not. But like the CB hearing in December, it’s important to show how many of us are against this plan as currently proposed.

    Tuesday, January 27th, 4pm – 9pm

    Brooklyn Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street

  • my2cents

    Has anyone else noticed the plethora of gooseneck lamps that have sprung snakelike from the empty facades above the Busy Chef etc. on Henry Street? It’s good to have some ligths for the signs, but I thinkthey went a little overboard with them! There’s like one every 3 feet!

  • Cranberry

    I noticed the lamps over the weekend? Shouldn’t their be some sort of landmark issue with them? They could easily get away with having 1/3 of the lamps!

  • PJL

    What do you recommend as the best Sushi restaurant in BK Hts?

  • Chester

    BHB should do a mixer somewhere. I wonder if anyone would show up.

  • BKBS

    PJL: Big fan of Iron Chef on Clark St.

  • lifer

    I’d go to the mixer, we would have informal ones all the time since alot of us used to end up at Magnetic Field..what say you Homer, the only catch would be finding a place, not a whole lotta shaking goin on in the heights

  • my2cents

    Cranberry, I am sure that Landmarks vetted those lights, since they are part of the wholesale renovation of the building. That is the only explanation for how awfully ornate they are. They don’t go with the art deco building, but go very well with the LPC’s disneyfied idea of “historic” appropriateness. Gee it’s just like an old timey main street now! Nifty! Every time LPC squelches modernism or individual expression an angel gets its wings. i’m done now.

  • Jo

    Another vote for Iron Chef. Great stuff. Try the Monkey Roll.

  • Leefamsince WWII

    Has anyone noticed the car service guys who park at Middagh and Willow Street?
    Some of them are disgusting! I’ve seen them empty their cigarette trays, trash, and leftover lunch(?) into the gutter next to their parked car!
    Why hasn’t anybody done something about this?
    Are they even allowed to park (“stand” // lounge, etc. ) there?

    The last straw was when a neighbor of mine said he saw a car door open, and a driver urinated into the gutter!

  • Monty

    Sushi Garden on Joralemon St is actually pretty good. I know a lot of folks like Iron Chef, but I was not impressed.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Another vote for Hibino. I especially love there homemade tofu dish.

    For the record, Hibino is not in Canada.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    love THEIR homemade tofu. My English not too/to well/good. I’m from Canada.

  • Sensei Brian

    How about a BHB fight night at the Dojo?
    Then a Sushi Crawl afterwards.

  • MZ

    The 2008 roll at Iron Chef is the best.

  • vspingola

    I’m going to go with Iron Chef as the best Sushi.
    Does Tenda make anyone else experience intestinal discomfort?

  • In the Heights

    Ki Sushi on Smith St. Best ever – and they deliver to the Heights.

    About the clinic, A friend just recommended the following for after hours as an alternative to the ER:

    Brooklyn Heights Ready-Care Treatment Center
    200 Montague Street, 4th Floor (this is the building with HSBC)
    718-422-8291 or 422-8292
    Hours: M/W/F 6 pm – 7 am; T/Th 7 pm – 7 am; S/S/holidays 12 pm – 7 am

  • bornhere

    Does anyone know why shepherd’s crook street lights, like the ones installed on Montague Street, were restricted to Montague Street? It would seem that they would be a beautiful addition to the whole neighborhood.

  • nabeguy

    leefam, I certainly have noticed them illegally parked in that little cul-de-sac. I’ve also had to clean up their garbage from in front on my own house on Middagh. I guess you can take the pig out of Moscow but…

  • Just a Neighbor

    Anyone hear what sounds like scraping (almost like a shovel against concrete) super late at night, like 2 a.m. these past few weeks on Cranberry Street, up near Henry, by any chance? I’m usually half asleep and too tired to go downstairs and see what the heck is going on.

    I’d also be in for a mixer, by the way..

  • HDEB

    My vote is for Sea Asia on Clark St. for the best sushi in the heights with Iron chef as #2.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    I’d be up for a mixer and of course i am suggesting Superfine in DUMBO. There’s a bar, a gallery, a free pool table and eats.

  • BKBS

    And just in case anyone’s wondering, street cleaning for tomorrow is suspended, and your car is safe even it’s parked in a “No Parking 8 – 6″ zone. I got a ticket once a few years ago for not moving my car from one of those spots when regs were suspended for snow removal, fought it, and won.

  • Hannah

    Sushi picks: Definitely Hibino as #1. I wasn’t too impressed with Iron Chef, truth be told. I like Hibino’s obanzai (Japanese tapas) and their fish is always fresh. Nana in the North Slope is a ways away but also delicious, and very reasonably priced. It’s on 5th ave (I take the R to Union and walk up a block to 5th). Great, fresh sushi, fun rolls and tasty gyoza. Plus, you can hop across the street to Brooklyn Fish Camp for some banana cream pudding when you’re done!

  • dev

    sea asian. their stuff is not fancy, but its always fresh, generously cut and fast. ive had to many bad sushi rolls at iron chef.