Brooklyn Heights Gal Loves Livestock

The NY Daily News profiles Brooklyn Heights resident Stevie Jones who spends her weekends helping out at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary:

New York Daily News: Animal Lover…: Now, every Saturday, the Brooklyn Heights resident hops on a 7 a.m. Adirondack Trailways bus from Port Authority for the two-hour ride to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, a 20-acre oasis, in upstate Willow, near Woodstock, which is home to a menagerie of abused and abandoned farm animals.

Armed with bags of apples, bananas and berries for the goats, and veggie treats for the barn cats, Jones spends the day shoveling out barns, cleaning up cow patties and laying down fresh straw for the pigs in their feeding station.

“I even got to bottle-feed a lamb, which was awesome,” said Jones, 30, who returns home to her two cats the same night. “Once I made time for it, I realized it energizes me.”

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  • ts

    That’s kind of a dirty headline, Homer.

  • nabeguy

    Oh, ts, get your mind out of the hayloft.