Former Brooklyn Law School Dorm On Joralemon Hits Market As 24-Unit Rental

It was January 2011 when BHB first reported that a Brooklyn Law School dorm at 184 Joralemon Street had been sold and was being converted to a residential property. And now that project is complete. Curbed shows pics and floorplans of a model in the swanky new 24-unit rental building (which was originally slated to be a condo conversion). It was developed by United American Land.

Curbed: The marketing team at Ideal Properties Group sends word that the landmarked 12-story building is now leasing, with rents on available units ranging from $5,200 to $6,800/month. There are 23 two-bedroom units and one Junior one-bedroom, and currently five apartments are ready for move-ins. All units have a washer/dryer, stainless steel kitchen appliances (including a dishwasher), and wide plank hardwood floors.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Really unimaginative layout. Bright sun in the photos, which are *not* of the apartment shown, which looks to have a window on a close brick wall in the kitchen, and slit windows in the livingroom. You also have a choice in the kitchen: open the fridge door, or the door to outside.

  • curious

    and why is the dishwasher located so far from the sink? really poor design!

  • Alec

    crazy expensive too

  • north heights res

    The last paragraph of this is plagiarized from the Curbed post.

  • brooklynheightsblog

    Fixed. Apparently a blockquote was forgotten.

  • north heights res

    Thanks for being responsive to that.

  • stuart

    looks nice, I’m glad the building is protected by landmarks now, in the new skyscraper district. it is a beautiful building.

  • Heights_Neighbor

    Does anyone think these unit will actually rent for those prices? After all, there is only one bathroom and for the most part there is no view, few windows and little natural light with the tall buildings surrounding. I hope they power wash the exterior.

  • Sal Manilla

    What a beautiful block – NOT!

  • MarciaK

    Looks to me like the living room has no windows!
    That’s some nerve!

  • William Spier

    I think that spending that sort of monthly income for about 700 sq ft. is a bit loony. But, people paid a fortune for the new structure at 20 Henry ( the one that looks like it belongs on Riker’s Island) with rooms about the size of this apartment with flashing coming apart from the building facade and cheesy kitchens and baths. You could live in Tenafly for not much more than what folks pay to live here.