Memorial Day Walk Photos: Brooklyn Heights & Nearby

Your correspondent and family returned from visiting friends on Cape Cod Sunday, having endured a rainy, chilly couple of days there. We understand it was, if anything, worse here. I was delighted to get up Monday ready to enjoy one more day’s holdiday, and find bright sunshine and milder temperatures. So, I took a walk. Kayaks were on the water, near the south end of Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park.

A kite flown from Pier 1 seemed to skirt the wires of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Rosa rugosa were in plentiful bloom beside the Granite Prospect on Pier 1.

People were relaxing, enjoying the sun and view on the Harbor View Lawn, Pier 1.

Heading into the East River by Pier 1 came the tug Lisa Ann Moran pushing the loaded tank barge Philadelphia.

Following Lisa Ann and Philadelphia came Marion Moran, perhaps to assist should they encounter turbulent waters upstream, especially at Hell Gate, .

White flowers bloomed near the Pier 1 ferry dock.

The Bridge View Lawn was also a popular spot for relaxation. Some people chose the shade provided by Mark di Suvero’s “Yoga”.

Canine friends were enjoying the day at Hillside Dog Park.

Lush greenery abounded at the top of Squibb Hill.

Purple flowers were blooming where the footpath from Middagh Street meets Columbia Heights.

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  • David on Middagh

    Sometimes I can hardly believe I live here.

  • Andrew Porter

    I finally figured out the “Yoga” art. Put a really big rubber band on the two outstretched arms, run a telephone pole through the hole, wait for a low-flying helicopter, then BLAM!