The Mysterious Expansion Of 116 Montague Street

It was February 2009 when BHB first reported on the expansion of 116 Montague Street, when building owner Frank Rio secured approval to add three stories and six residential units to the one-story building. In fact, the Department of Buildings issued a permit in August 2007 to build the 8,030-square-foot residential structure, whose “aged” brick facade admirably matches the style of historic adjoining buildings.

In November 2010 BHB reported that two of the proposed three additional floors had been completed in the building that houses Sleepy’s on the ground retail level.

Now, six years after initial approval, with construction long finished, the building remains without a real estate broker attached. This week, there were signs pointing toward forward movement: Numbers for “116” were added to the entrance, as well as installation of an intercom system. But searches for any leasing info online remain moot… We’re watching… Stand by for updates.

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  • brooklyndan

    First question: is there a C of O?

  • Andrew Porter

    It’s a front, for foreign drug gang, or maybe enslaved sex workers. Or maybe Lassen & Hennigs is storing unsold sandwiches here.