Open Thread Wednesday, May 22, 2013

While the first day of summer begins a month from now, on June 21, we’re at last enjoying some seasonal temperatures that are allowing Brooklyn Heights’ sidewalk cafes to flourish, while the Promenade is filled with passersby walking dogs, snapping pics of the sunset and even canoodling. This in indeed prime time in the nabe.

It’s also Open Thread Wednesday, which means it’s an opportunity for youse to share, share, share. Comment away! (CT)

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  • Marathoner

    Can anyone recommend a good dentist? Thanks!

  • Lois

    Had a very good experience with the film crew who were doing a photo shoot Tuesday morning on Columbia Hts. Altho they didn’t give us that much notice (only the required 48 hours) I called the number listed at 6:45 that morning to verify how much space they needed (only half as much as had been marked off). They parked before 8:30 when the sweeper came and helped the “regulars” park their cars. They were very apologetic about taking up valuable parking spaces but “it’s my job” and we try to be as cordial as possible, which they were. Fortunately they had good weather and had a successful shoot.

  • karen

    I’m looking for someone to help with the capture and removal of a feral cat that has been plaguing my yard for months now (no, it’s not the cat that went missing off of Montague street a month or so ago, it’s been going on way longer than that). I know the city has a trap/neuter/return program in place but I need someone to do the trapping for me. I was told I had to take a 3 hour course to officially do it myself. I have no desire to waste 3 hours of my time nor do I want to have anything to do with this cat up close if I can avoid it. It has been peeing all over my yard and deck, and torturing my cat through the window who howls like she’s being murdered when the cat is in our backyard. the other night, with the windows all open, he came by and must have sprayed every where. The smell was so intense I thought I was going to be sick. Does anyone know anyone who can take care of this for me? Thank you!

  • DIBS

    Dr Wong on Court St just so of Atlantic

  • karen

    We love Dr. DeLeonibus on Clinton. She’s been taking care of my kids for years and me and my husband.

  • M on Willow

    Dentistry at the Heights on Joralemon …

  • errrybodyrelax

    ugh, i had a terrible experience with them. they were nice as could be the first visit and then their staff was terrible every visit after that. they also insisted on showing me “the correct way to floss” and then charged me for “proper dental instruction.” terrible.

  • Remsen

    Dr. Moshman on Remsen St.

  • north heights res

    Karen, if you can provide me with an e-mail address. I’d be happy to contact you with some suggestions.

  • Lady in the Heights

    Do not go to Moshman! He put sealant on my kids teeth. Had to have it redone. Not good. Outdated equipment and office.

  • soulman

    Speaking of dentists – has anyone used Signature Smile dentists at 101 Clark St (entrance on Pineapple Walk)? I live in the building, so it would be very convenient, but the name puts me off.

  • MonroeOrange

    I second Dr. Wong…i’ve used many dentists in the hood since childhood to adulthood…and Dr. Wong is the best by far, I believe he also has an office in manhattan. And he doesn’t lecture you!

  • Ann B Chapin

    What is sealant? What was his reason for doing it??
    I have used the Moshman office for many years and had many procedures. Dr Sussman was my dentist and now, since he retired upstate, Dr.Stan Moshman is my dentist. Was just there yesterday and had x-rays with this fancy machine that projected them on a computer screen! The staff is lovely and I have been very happy with the work I had done!

  • Arch Stanton
  • Ann B Chapin

    hahahahahaha!! now about it on your teeth!? ;-D

  • Lady in the Heights

    Sealant is a commonly used cavity deterrent used on kids when their permanent teeth come in:

    Moshman did both of my kids, 4 years apart, and it needed to be redone. I admit is has been about 2 years since we have been in the office. Good to hear they upgraded their equipment. The office staff is very nice, but I always felt the hygenist didn’t do a very good job. It was always very fast.

  • karen

    karenede at yahoo

    thank you!

  • Dr. Hectopus

    I want to give a shout-out to Captain Cleanup! He’s Brooklyn Heights’ newest super-hero and did a great job cleaning the graffiti off the mailbox and blue phone booth on Columbia Heights, for justice! We should all thank this new hero and follow his example!

    Other Brooklyn Heights super heroes include:
    Beecher the Preacher
    Captain Capote
    Witch of Wall Street (Hetty Green)

    and their two young sidekicks:
    Beastie Boy (Adam Yauch)
    “Girls” Girl (Lena Dunham)

  • Heights

    I went to Signature Smile when they first opened. They took a whole series of x-rays which is to be expected on a first visit. I went back six months later for a cleaning and was told I needed x-rays before I even got past the reception desk. I asked why considering I had them six months prior. No answer was given and I declined the additional radiation and expense since most dental plans don’t pay for x-rays every six months. The staff was not pleased with my decision and my cleaning was cursory at best. Never went back to them.

  • Bob Monte

    Second that !!! They terrorize you with an “action plan” and put a lot of pressure on. They pushed more work for me than I’ve had in ten years because of hairline cracks in some fillings. They ruined my wife’s front teeth and charged for it. STAY AWAY !!!

  • Phantombop

    Are you sure it’s not Phantom or Bebop? You could be sitting on a gold mine.

  • Arch Stanton

    A well placed shot from a powerful air rifle should do the trick.

  • Pineappler

    My wife uses them and loves them. Highly recommended.

  • David Glick

    Why is there so many fireworks this year? Almost every other night. I dont ever remember it being this bad.

  • Wiley E

    Can’t go wrong with Wong.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have used them for more than a decade, and they’re excellent. Moshman contributes his time to teach the students at the LICH dental clinic, too.

  • Bluehairedcatlady

    Karen, there is no city TNR program. Every person that does it, including myself, is a private citizen that made the time to take the 3 hour class. We use our own money, there is no city funding and we all have jobs and our own animals to care for. The only place to “remove” a feral cat to is the city shelter where the cat will sit in a trap for several days before being euthanized with no sedative, a terrifying and painful process.

    While I understand the inconvenience of having a tomcat lurking around your house the most humane thing to do is pay a certified trapper to TNR the cat and return him. Once neutered the cat’s behavior should change dramatically and if not you can try any of the deterrents suggested by Alley Cat Allies.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Thanks so much for this sealant info!