It’s the Fiiiiiiibbbbeeeerrrr!

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McBrooklyn reports that the totally annoying ripping up of Henry Street is all about Verizon installing FIOS in the nabe. For those of you still using rabbit ears, maybe now is the time to prepare yourself for the much-over-hyped flip to Digital TV.

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  • anon

    Sweet! Can’t wait to dump Time Warner.

  • CJP

    Funny. Because when we signed up for Time Warner Cable it was so we didn’t have to have Verizon (and all of the associated fees and taxes.) So far it’s been a good switch at least in terms of price for services. And I haven’t had one complaint about Time Warner. They’ve delivered precisely what I expect which is reliable cable, phone and internet.

  • Teddy

    We’ve had Time Warner cable service since they first came to the Heights in 1990 and ended our cable-less existence. We had analog service from 1990-2002 and it was pretty reliable. However, we watched the prices creep up and jump substantially in 2002 when we upgraded to digital service & Roadrunner broadband. We’ve had pixelation issues, drop-outs and some of the the HD channel feeds don’t look quite as good as they should. Then again, that may also be an issue with the source and not Time Warner’s fault. Anyway, some fiber optic competition should be a good thing for us. Maybe TW or whoever buys Time-Warner’s cable division will step up their game & reduce prices (wishful thinking) when the fiber is in place.

  • AEB

    Have phone-cable-broadband from TW and the biggest problem, as I see it–foolishly unanticipated when I signed up–is that if the modem goes, all is kaput.

    This happened recently–I’ve endured more modem-swapping in the last several years than I care to, especially when I’m required to do the legwork, taking a burnt-out modem to TW’s 23rd St. headquarters, getting a replacement and installing it myself–and it’s no fun.

    For me, the primary gripe is the loss of phone service. With Verizon one felt that, even in a nuclear attack, one could use one’s landline.

    No more. And cell service in the event of other than an individual blackout seems an iffy proposition.

  • Anon

    Does anyone know is this just going to 75 Henry or will other addresses on Henry be able to enjoy as well?