Inauguration Day Open Thread

Brooklyn Paper photo

Brooklyn Paper photo

Barack Obama lived in Brooklyn Heights for one hot minute back in the day.  In July 2007, he attended a fundraiser at the Columnbia Heights home of Nina Collins.

What are your thoughts on this historic day?  Comment below.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette:Capital Abuzz…:  “I just wanted to come here and feel the energy, the happiness. Because he was here, I wanted to be here,” said Kym Murphy, 48, of Brooklyn Heights, N.Y., one of those standing in line outside Ben’s yesterday. “I really feel hopeful about this country for the first time in a long time.”

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  • AEB

    A day of great promise, of–dare I say it?–hope. In the depths of a terrible winter we can now reasonably turn towards the light.

  • Publius

    I wish him and us all the best. He appears to have the right temperment for the job, especially with the challenges ahead.

    As an aside, I loved the inauguration poem.

  • Tim Donnelly

    It was pretty crazy over at the BAM this morning. The viewing of the ceremony was filled more than an hour before it even started. They let an overflow crowd hang out in the lobby though and watch it on two small flat screen TVs. No one really seemed to mind. Lots of tears and cheers all around. The president of BAM came out and thanked everyone for coming, and said “The Dark Knight is over!” which confused me greatly, but then I realized she said “the dark night is over.”

    Here’s a video of the crowd reacting to the oath of office:

  • AEB

    Best thing in the inauguration: the final benediction. A bit of down-home black churchliness that was absolutely right, sweetly, drolly and truly uplifting.

  • leonard e. ryan

    we have been waiting. waiting for robert kennedy. gone. loved. not forgotten. missed. wanted. needed. prayed for. and now black with a scrambled name and a historical sense and a commitment to the dream that will never die. the Olympian fire is grasped. the Promethean flame begins to flare. Barack Obama! (didn’t think on this blog!)

  • CJP

    And as my wife just mentioned to me… a quote from a mom on “Today was like a good waxing: No more Bush.”

  • Claude Scales

    Once again, I shamelessly link to my blog.