Buh Bye: Blue Rose

BHB tipster Chuck Taylor sends word that Blue Rose clothing store at 89-93 Montague Street is done

Saw last week that Blue Rose boutique on Montague was moving. Today it’s gone… they’re splitting between two boutiques in Park Slope.

The buzz in Brooklyn Heights has been that Blue Rose, while run by friendly folks, was too expensive and too “EuroTrash”.   The boutique was also involved in a bizarre one month location switcheroo with the transient Microsoft Live Photo Studio.

The owners posted a goodbye note to customers:

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  • vspingola

    Sorry to see the area lose more business but I can’t say I didn’t see that one coming from the beginning. The next question is when Dimples Kid’s Spa will go under. In an area with thousands of children I haven’t seen one client there in the many times I’ve walked by. What’s up with that corner???

  • Hank75

    Bring back the Tasty D!!!

  • AEB

    Well, well. Not that I stocked my closet from the rather wan selection, but at least it had a tad of sui generis to it.

    Which can’t be said for much else on Montague.

  • CJP

    Agreed. Sorry to see any business go under given this economy. Which brings me to a question I raised previously on here.

    Is it better from a landlord’s perspective to have a property remain vacant for months, if not years, rather than attract a “below-market” tenant?

  • AEB

    Would seem to me, CJP, that it would depend on one’s time commitment to one’s below market-value tenant

    Knowing zero about commercial leases, I would nonetheless think that it would be better to rent than not to rent–but that one wouldn’t want to tie up one’s property in a low-value deal for eternity. (Though perhaps there are wheels within wheels here regarding taxes–can someone enlighten?)

    Case in point: the two stores in the building at Cranberry and Hicks that have been vacant now at least since I moved here, about two years ago. Surely someone would take them if the price was right–and surely letting them remain vacant all this time represents a serious loss.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    I’m neither an expert on real estate or tax law, but I believe that to gain an advantage from a loss on unleased property a landlord would have to have income from other property against which the loss could be offset (“loss” in this sense being just the landlord’s out-of-pocket costs of maintaining the unleased property). I’d be delighted if someone could correct or expand on this.

    Switching to my economics hat (it’s a subject of which I know just enough to be dangerous), “market value” is not a constant. It’s determined by the interplay of supply and demand. Commercial (and residential) lease prices aren’t as volatile (that is, as sensitive to day-to-day events or expectations) as, say, the price of red winter wheat on the Chicago exchange, but they can go down as well as up. Recent events in financial markets, where participants had succumbed to the notion that prices could be extrapolated upward ad infinitum, as well as their own experience, may convince landlords to adjust their view of what is “below market.”

  • joe

    I have been predicting this place would go under since they opened. None of the their clothes in the window display was appealing enough to make me even want to climb those stairs to go in and check out what else they had. In addition, I’ve never seen anyone come out of their so I’m guessing it wasn’t just me. I’m sad to see them go though since any empty storefront within visual range is a blight on our streets.

  • Karl Junkersfeld


    A good friend of the Heights died yesterday. Jose Torres was the former light heavyweight champion and good friend of Norman Mailer. Jose could be seen frequently at the Eastern Athletic Club on Clark Street. A very good guy who had time for conversation with everybody.


  • Karl Junkersfeld


    Also, nice article in Sunday’s NY Post about jack the Horse Tavern here in the Heights. (see attached)


  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Karl: I’m very sorry to hear about Jose Torres. He was, as I recall, an occasional visitor to the Lion’s Head. A true gentleman and a great athlete.

  • travy