Microsoft Courts Moms on Montague

There’s a weird game of musical stores going on at 89-93 Montague Street. The Blue Rose clothing store, located in the corner store has moved to the middle location next door to make room for what the Brooklyn Eagle reports is a “three week pre-Mother’s Day program” offered by Microsoft.

What that means is MSFT will be promoting its highly “successful” Windows Vista and Windows Live products and will be showing Moms and their families how “easy” it is to use these products to upload photos to the web. Family portraits will be taken by “top photographers” with hair and make up folks on site for “touch ups”.

The store will be open from April 19 until Mother’s Day May 11. Photos will be available at .

While this is a great opportunity for Mom, we won’t be psyched until Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer goes ballistic for this promotion as he has in the past for other MSFT ventures:

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  • Joe

    Vista is so successful Microsoft will actually spend money to rent space in prime brooklyn location and show mom’s how easy it is to use. Something doesn’t jive here.

  • yo

    who says that montague isn’t any fun anymore?

  • John B

    Some classes offered at the new Misco$quish store:

    –Advanced Chair Throwing 201

    –Monkey Bouncing for CEO’s in training

    and last, but not least,

    –How to sow Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt thru advanced use of Press Manipulation and Vaporware.

    Just my 4¢ from North Pole, Alaska

  • jd

    I’m surprised they didn’t opt to do this in Park Slope. Isn’t it the undisputed mothers-with-babies capital of Brooklyn? And just think of all the strollers Ballmer could throw…

  • yo

    something tells me that park slope is squarely within “mac country”

  • Billy Reno

    He makes Howard Dean look absolutely stoic!

  • nabeguy

    Stoic? Dean looks comatose in comparison to this freak. This promotion is almost as absurd as this guys pitch.

  • JGM

    So…Carrol Gardens is in an uproar because a cool oyster bar may open…and Montague St is slated to get a temp store to teach moms how to use a computer? This is exactly what BH residents want??? We should offer CG a switch, straight up.

  • Andrew

    I understand the temporary retail concept, but I don’t get why Blue Rose is moving next door and then back to the corner. Will there ever be a tenant in that middle store?

  • Andrew Porter

    I have no comment. Of course, I’ve got an iMac. Tell me again, what’s a “virus”? Oh, and what’s a “Bill Gates”? Anything to do with Watergate?