Open Thread Wednesday, May Day 2013

The first of May was originally celebrated by European pagans as a day of fertility—for the first spring planting and… more personal exploits. In modern times, it’s typically a spring frolic, as well as a day of political protests, a saint’s feast day and an acknowledgment of organized labor. In many nations, May 1 is a national holiday.

Throughout NYC today, there are plenty of protests and Occupy movements slated—not to mention puppets!

Here in Brooklyn Heights, however, we’ll just enjoy the organic beauty of our halcyon neighborhood… along with your opinions & observations on this BHB Open Thread Wednesday. What’s on your mind? Comment away! (Photos: CT)

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  • Andrew Porter

    Wondering how long it will be until Chuck does a report on the pergola going up in the area behind the new restaurant on Montague Street. Or when there will be comments on the continued restoration job on the brownstone at the corner of Hicks and Joralemon. Today’s exciting news: they were doing the entry doorway. Also, there’s a good view of the construction on the old Poplar Street Police Precinct if you stand on Middagh Street, near the former school. Most of the structural steel seems to be in place.

  • San

    Anyone else see the FT hot air balloon warming up near pier 5 this eve? I waited around a while but didn’t see if it took off.

  • Lori

    What’s happening with the house at 194 Columbia Hts that has been abandoned over 25 years? A vacate order was issued in 1986 and it remains vacant.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Focus on LICH – open meeting with the Cobble Hill Association this Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30 PM at LICH:

  • km

    They are doing such a wonderful job on that brownstone. I hope we get to see the gardens before they put a proper fence up; lots of trees have been going in.

  • Wiley E.

    May Pop!

  • NY2BK

    A HUGE shout out to the “promenade garden committee.” It is extraordinarily beautiful this year.

    On the other side of the spectrum, it seems almost all of the “no smoking” signs that used to be attached to the gates are gone. I’m guessing a disgruntled smoker trying to make a sad point via a vandalizing tantrum.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    For those of you that enjoyed the first LICH OPEN for Care video, here’s another stirring one from the LICH intensive care nurse’s son at It’s called LICH Open for Care 3.

  • Hicks St Guy

    very nice photo!

  • David on Middagh

    That pic was made for “Where’s Waldo”!

  • Heights_Neighbor

    It appears that residents of 150 Columbia Heights have taken over Fort Stirling Park? As far as I know, this parcel was closed to the public. How do the rest of us get access? Just saying . . .