Update: Phantom Kitty Still Missing

We reported April 22 about missing cat Phantom, who dashed into traffic after he escaped from a little girl’s arms at Sunday’s Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition’s Adoption Van event. Sadly, the 18-month-old kitty—who requires medication—remains AWOL. The Coalition’s Vicki Puluso offers an update:

We’ve been haunting the streets of the Heights, and setting traps along the Promenade, but given our limited resources, believe he’ll only be captured with the help of the community. So far the response has been terrific; it’s just that there are an unexpected number of other cats on the streets who may be mistaken for Phantom.

He is all black (no white markings), approximately 15 lbs., and is not wearing a collar. We believe he has settled into the area between the Promenade and Willow Street, bounded by Clark and Pierrepont streets. He has been spotted at those two entrances to the Promenade. He is too frightened to approach people but might if they carried a little cat kibble to tempt him.

We are seeking permission to place havahart traps in the Promenade gardens, and would greatly appreciate access to private gardens on Columbia Heights or Willow Street to set additional traps.

Again, if he is spotted, pleasae contact BrooklynBridgeAnimals@yahoo.com or call 347-599-1930. All messages are picked up immediately.

People may also post information or offers of assistance on our Facebook page. Please help us bring poor Phantom back. He has a loving home waiting for him. Thank you!

A caution to pet owners: In our effort to capture Phantom, we have trapped, vetted and released two adult feral cats in Columbia Heights gardens near Pierrepont, and rescued a litter of four small kittens. One of the feral cats tested FIV positive and showed recent battle scars. People who allow their cats to wander outside should be aware of this serious risk, among others, to their cats’ health.

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  • Wiley E.

    Meow, meow.

  • Sally

    What is the protocol when finding a cat. There is a long-hair tabby right in front of the church on orange street–very affectionate. No collar. What do I do?

  • David on Middagh

    @Sally, I am not a rescuer, but if the tabby has a clipped ear tip, then it’s a catch-and-release feral that has been sterilized, and you can leave it be.

  • David on Middagh

    Actually, I’ve met that cat before. It seems to be doing okay. I’d leave it.

  • Joe A

    Call the nearest Chinese restauraunt.

  • Martha

    Perhaps you could give a little more information so that people can respond helpfully. For example, how long have you seen the cat in front of that church – every day or just today? Does the cat look well groomed and cared for or hungry and nervous? A full description would make a difference in suggestions as to what to do.

    If you are thinking that the cat needs to be rescued, do you know anyone who can hold onto the cat? Or are you asking if there is a rescue who can take care of the cat? These are the kinds of things that need to be known.

  • cat

    I think I have seen this cat on the corner of willow and orange more than once. Could be a cat of that building not sure. The corner across from JW between orange and pineapple

  • Sally

    It was well groomed except for a gigantic matted knot on it’s back. Extremely friendly, I I can’t imagine it was wild. It just stresses me out when I see a kitty with no collar.