Encouraging News on the #SaveLICH Front

Today the City Council passed a resolution (approved by its Health Committee yesterday) that, according to the Eagle, “calls on the State University of New York and the State Department of Health to work with stakeholders to find a new owner for [Long Island College Hospital] the 150-year old Cobble Hill institution.” While the resolution doesn’t have the force of law, it has evidently, along with the efforts of other local politicos, doctors, nurses, staff, and concerned local residents, had some effect on management at SUNY Downstate who, the Daily News reports, have now “pledged” to “step up [their] search for a new operator” and “vowed to go statewide or possibly nationwide with their hunt for a hospital to take over LICH.”

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  • Wiley E.

    Governor Coumo, Carl McCall and especially SUNY management need to get “probed” in the misappropriation of LICH funds. If the State won’t do it, then the Feds should. Continuum also needs investigating.

  • Heights Observer

    I still can’t help thinking that this is more about the value of LICH real estate than anything else.

  • Rick

    A great new development. But clearly SUNY wants to sell in order to make money, so selling to another hospital is not in their interests, they want to sell to real estate developers to make the most possible money to bail out their other struggling hospitals.

    So they will conduct a lethargic half-hearted attempt to find a willing hospital, and then come back and say “See, we did everything possible, but there was no interest”.

    I can just imagine the response of other hospitals when SUNY calls them and basically asks “Hey, wanna buy a money-losing hospital?”

    What is needed is for the state to broker a marriage between other hospitals with financial incentives added until LICH becomes self-sustaining.

  • HenryLoL

    What the government needs to do is to allow an entity to sell its assets if they feel like it. Ridiculious.

  • Wiley E.

    This entity is a public entity, not private.

  • bklyn20

    I can’t resist: “Ding, dong, the LICH ain’t dead!”