Brooklyn Bridge Park Public Meeting 1/29

From the BHB Inbox:


WHAT: The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation will be holding a public meeting on Thursday January 29th, 2009. The topic will be the Park’s Financial Model.

WHEN: Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 6:00pm

WHERE: Dibner Auditorium, NYU-Polytechnic University, 5 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY

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  • http://deleted whatever

    So it has been over four years since the park operations and maintenance numbers were concocted to “justify” private housing inside this park. Now the unaccountable public authority called the BBPDevelopment Corporation is allowing the public to see those numbers for the very first time. This sounds like a rollicking good move, don’t you think? They have had four years to cook up their story to justify housing and justify greening up the areas around the housing to attract developers in this dismal economy. Should be lotsa fun!

  • Publius

    Looks like State Senator Squadron and State Assemblywoman Joan Millman have been able to tag team the BBPDC leadership into finally opening up on how/why their budget and ongoing estimates of the project have skyrocketed, thereby leading them to the “conclusion” that the only way the park could be maintained is through luxury housing towers. In fact, officially, BBP is not termed a park, it’s called a “development project” so that the luxury housing towers could be built.

    Time to see behind the smoke, mirrors, and fuzzy math. The BBPDC is a state authority and is accountable to virtually no elected. Nice to see Squadron appearing to immediately fulfill one of his campaign promises.

  • Mike

    They are likely going to let us know that due to the economic meltdown that the model of having private condos support the park will no longer work.

    Maybe they should just charge a $2.50 entrance fee per day to use the park (unlimited entrances and exits, just like the Moxy Spot), then all of the anti-development community members might be satisfied.

    Publius, I dont know if Squadron had anything to do with this or not, but my guess is NO as he is likely focused on ‘more important’ things at this point. I would also guess that he would have bragged about this on his website if he had something to do with it, but alas, no press release. Its nice of you to root him on, but lets wait until he at least does SOMETHING (other than hold a press conference or light the menorah) before we elevate him to the status of hero.

  • BklynLifer

    Squadron DID issue a press release, Mike, and he HAS been working behind the scenes to bring some light to the way our public dollars are being spent. It’s one of the five things he promised to do about Bklyn Bridge Park when he was campaigning.

  • Publius

    I know for a fact that Squadron’s office and Millman’s office are partially behind this new willness for transparency and public involvement on the part of BBPDC. I’ve been involved with both offices and I know they have been speaking with BBPDC officials, urging them for more community involvement/input and more financial transparency.

  • Mike

    Thanks, well then I stand corrected.