Nasty! Court Street ‘R’ Subway Station Could Use A Hose Down Post-Sandy

BHB reader Justine Swartz notes that following our post about the most heavily trafficked MTA subway outposts in Brooklyn Heights, the Court Street (R) train station remains blech! yuck! nasty! following Hurricane Sandy’s wrath.

Overall, the linked Court Street (R) and Borough Hall (2/3 4/5) station ranked #28 among all MTA stops; and although Atlantic Avenue is the busiest BK station in total ridership, Court/Borough Hall (and Jay Street/MetroTech)—serving Brooklyn Heights and Downtown BK—both served more weekday riders in 2012.

Swartz writes to BHB, “Hurricane Sandy closed Court Street for months due to flooding and subsequent clean-up and repairs. I took this picture today. MTA needs to clean up its act. Trains are more crowded than ever. People fight each other for seats and wind up sitting on each other’s lap. I have been used as an arm rest by big beefy guys a number of times. The MTA must put more trains in service thus reducing wait times and overcrowding.”

Thoughts, BHB minions?

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  • Mark

    Sounds like he is getting a seat most of the time. So it’s not THAT crowded.

  • Monty

    This station has always been like this. It floods very easily and constantly has blooms of lime and mold and other nasty stuff. I don’t know nothing about civil engineering, but I think it needs some serious work beyond cleaning to keep it in decent condition.

  • Jorale-man

    This station is especially disgusting and decrepit, even by the standards of the MTA. I was down there last week and a tourist couple from Northern Europe asked me which side went to Manhattan (signs are lacking). I pointed to it, then felt compelled to apologize for the surroundings on behalf of our city. It really is an embarrassment.

  • qualmly

    Jorale-man, I’ve always wondered why they don’t put more signs up at the Court Street station saying which side is Brooklyn and which is Manhattan! They really are lacking and it would be so simple to do.