How Do Brooklyn Heights Subway Stations Rank Amid Overall MTA System?

The MTA released new data Tuesday on subway ridership for 2012, including the busiest stations in metro New York. Times Square remains the most heavily trafficked, with 62+ million trips—up 1.5 million from 2011—followed by Grand Central, Herald Square, Union Square and Penn Station.

For stations serving Brooklyn Heights, MTA rankings are as follows:
Clark Street 2/3: #249, ridership up 5.8% over 2011
Court Street R/Borough Hall 2/3 4/5: #28, -1.1%
High Street A/C: #207 +5.5%
Jay Street/Metrotech A/C/F/R: #26, +3.1%

In Brooklyn overall, the Barclays Center helped make Atlantic Avenue the busiest station in total annual ridership, although Jay Street-MetroTech and Court Street /Borough Hall—serving Brooklyn Heights and Downtown BK—both served more weekday riders.

Other highlights, according to AM New York and ABC News:
* Despite the battering from Superstorm Sandy that shut down the entire subway system for days, subway ridership hit its highest point since 1950. A mild early winter and a slowly improving economy helped to offset Sandy, MTA says, and weekend service matched an all-time high set in 1946.
* The station with the biggest yearly increase in ridership is Aqueduct-North Conduit Avenue in Queens. Thanks to the new casino there, ridership jumped more than 87%.
* The station with the biggest drop in riders was City Hall, down 20%.
* The Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center station had a 7.6% weekday increase, thanks to the opening of the Barclays Center in September 2012. Ridership at the nearby Fulton Street station increased 6.9%.

10 busiest subway stations in 2012
10. Lexington Ave-53 Street/51st Street
9. 86th Street (4/5/6)
8. Lexington Ave/59th Street
7. 59th Street-Columbus Circle
6. Penn Station (A/C/E)
5. Penn Station (1/2/3)
4. Union Square
3. Herald Square
2. Grand Central
1. Times Square

3 busiest stations in Brooklyn:
3. Court Street/Borough Hall (28th overall)
2. Jay Street-MetroTech (26th overall)
1. Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center (25th overall)

5 least-busy stations:
5. Atlantic Ave (L train)
4. Bushwick Ave-Aberdeen Street (L train)
3. Cypress Hills (J train)
2. East 143 Street-St Mary’s Street (6 train)
1. Broad Channel (A train/shuttle)

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  • Sean

    Does High Street not serve Brooklyn Heights?

  • David on Middagh

    High Street counts! Ridership up 5.5%, with a rank of 207. I suppose some of that ridership might be using the non-Heights entrance.

  • Chuck Taylor

    I added HIGH STREET to the post, kids… thanks…

  • sixyearsandcounting

    “2. East 143 Street-St Mary’s Street (6 train)”

    Uh, this is in the Bronx, and the 6 train doesn’t even come to Brooklyn.

  • Arch Stanton

    Chuck, your “5 Least-busy stations” is almost completely wrong. Broad Channel on the A line (In Queens) is indeed the least busy, ranking 418th. However, E 143 Street-St Mary’s Street on the 6 line (In Da Bronx) ranks 412 meaning it would be the 7th least busy station. None of the other ones you listed are in the bottom 5 either. Sloppy, inaccurate work.

  • Chuck Taylor

    arch — what you are blaming me for as “sloppy” and inaccurate” has nothing to do with my math. please see attribution to news sources — and give your regular BHB correspondent the benefit of the doubt, how about it?

  • Arch Stanton

    Sorry, I didn’t realize you simply copy pasted the info from AM New York, which in my opinion, is not a very reliable news source… a quick scan of the MTA rankings showed the stats to be wrong. While it may not initially be your “Sloppy, inaccurate work” you are somewhat responsible for news items you post, without verification.