Brooklyn Historical Society Logging Superstorm Sandy Stories

The Brooklyn Historical Society is looking to collect “survivor stories” from Superstorm Sandy as part of a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Heights destination. Historians are searching for residents of diverse ages, ethnicities and occupations from shoreline neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island to talk about their experiences during and after the hurricane.

The museum’s director of library and archives Jacob Nadal tells the New York Daily News, “In the future Brooklynites are going to want to know what happened during the hurricane on a human level: what people were thinking and feeling.”

Alex Dalenberg of the Association of Personal Historians adds, “We’re trying to get these compelling stories before the memories fade. This is an important chapter in New York City’s history. We want real-life witnesses to tell it.”

The transcripts will be maintained by BHS, along with a wide-ranging post-hurricane effort by the historical society called “Documenting Sandy.” The museum has already collected storm-related photos and amassed a trove of Sandy news coverage. It is serving as archivist for nonprofit Architecture for Humanity, which did surveys of hurricane damage.

“This is what a modern historical society should be doing—reaching out to the whole community to understand people’s lives today,” Nadal says.

Contact BHS at for more info about Sandy Histories.

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  • marshasrimler

    That is wonderful.. How is it that they a quiet non-profit with an elite board keep getting grants from the city and state and our public library only 2 blocks way has not applied for the same?
    Why does our public library which is much more heavily used have a building that needs repair when the brooklyn historical society building is an object of absolute magnificence?
    . The Brooklyn Historical Society honored David Offensend -past BHA President, COO of the New York Public Library, Big Contributor to the Brooklyn Public Library and destroyer of the Donnell Library which was given over to a developer and years later has no replacement library. I think all this really needs to looked at in detail.

  • Henry

    Umm…I’m not sure how a semi-incoherent rant against an unrelated non-profit helps your cause. (Which I support, btw.)

  • marshasrimler

    not a rant
    Henry… why is the brooklyn historical society so beautiful and the library in need of such repair? why is a non-profit supported by the elite which is not heavily used in the money and the public library which is heavily used being torn down…Food for thought..

  • GHB

    What does one have to do with the other? Henry is right.

  • marshasrimler

    It is all public money.. one is elitist and one is is beautiful and one is falling apart

  • Andrew Porter

    The Brooklyn Historical Society was closed for over a year during which extensive renovations were done. More recently, the first floor exhibit space has been closed for many months for a complete refit. The number of people using this building is far fewer than the number going through the doors of the BPL Library.