Denis Hamill: IS 293 Student’s Life Saved at LICH Wednesday; Would Likely Have Died if LICH Not Available

Denis Hamill’s column in the Daily News tells of a dramatic lifesaving effort at the Long Island College Hospital ER, and of LICh’s lack of critical medical supplies. Read more on CHB.

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  • Rick

    Jay, that is the second time you’ve tried to make a point using an apples and oranges argument.

    Long Island has far fewer people per square mile than in New York City.
    And it usually takes more time-per-mile for ambulances. So using the
    suburbs as an example makes no sense,. In NYC we need more hospitals
    closer together to get the efficacy that places out of the city can get
    with fewer hospitals.

  • BenF

    Who needs Death Panels– we’ve already got Brooklyn Guy!

  • Jay

    Try telling that to the child who has just arrested in school in Long Island when the nearest hospital is 15 miles away. Seconds are precious in those cases, you know.

  • Wiley E.

    You are a failure if you don’t advocate supporting your neighborhood, and your family. Honestly!

  • maribel

    LICH is Open for Care… Everywhere we go people want to know what’s going on. The doctors, nurses and staff are in the community everyday. Wherever we go doors open and we are welcomed. Everyone is concerned that there has been bad management at LICH. It has become transparent to all concerned that the SUNY Board of Trustees has been aggressive against LICH for no reason other than the financial gains it stands to win. The community stands to lose an Institution, serving Brooklyn for over 150 years. A full service hospital with an excellent neuroscience center, emergency unit, intensive care unit, critical care, medical/surgical units, dialysis center and more. Our Brooklyn delegates are in support of LICH. They represent all our communities. Congresswomen Nydia Velasquez attended the recent rally to save LICH. Senator Squadron fought to protect any windfall coming from the future sale of LICH on the senate floor this month. Hundreds marched from Coffey Park in Red Hook. LICH hospital has been used as an ATM. The machine is empty. This week on Fox 5 it was reported that SUNY Downstate has not provided financials. The report futher states financials are needed to see exactly how the hospital is performing. Downtown Brooklyn is growing in leaps and bounds. Together we can rebuild LICH and make it an innovative center for medicine for our families. For history of LICH and current news please visit: We need your help please call: The Honorable Governor Cuomo 518-474-8390. LICH is Open For Care…