Former St. Francis College Student Accused Of Beating & Robbing Woman In Brooklyn

A former student at Brooklyn Heights’ St. Francis College at 180 Remsen Street, has been nabbed for allegedly beating and robbing a 56-year-old woman last month. Aidan Folan, who was caught on video at the 18th Avenue F station in Brooklyn, was wearing a hoodie with the Greek letters of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta, and his nickname, according to a story in today’s New York Post.

His fellow frat brothers saw the video of him allegedly pummeling and kicking Dina Perez on March 9, and contacted the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hot line. He was identified in a police lineup Wednesday. Folan, 21, lives in Bay Ridge and spent one year at St. Francis College.

“Being human beings, we felt compelled to do that,” says the frat member who turned Folan in to cops. “We were appalled. We are embarrassed that he was a part of our brotherhood.”

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  • Wiley E.

    Maybe he can finish his doctorate in prison.

  • GHB

    What a POS! Good for the frat brother who turned this loser in

  • Lois

    Glad to see it was emphasized that this was a FORMER St. Francis student and a FORMER member of the fraternity. He was so proud of his shirt (with his name on it) that that’s what did him in.

  • HenryLoL

    He needs to be put on the rack. End of story. Animal.

  • Boerum Bill

    So glad they caught this punk butt!

  • John Kimbrough

    It is most unfortunate and also troubling that in such a great country with so many great opportunities for people to both improve themselves and have fun, people do this sort of thing…..We all are glad that he was apprehended. I am as condemning and disgusted with him and his behavior as the other people who have contributed their opinions on this matter….Let us hope that during his forthcoming incarceration he can see the error of his way(s) and appreciate life and freedom as most people are able to do…..Honorable and decent men and boys and women and people do not abuse or bully other people……

  • ltap917

    Really nice sentiment but the reality is that there are many people in our society who are incorrigible.
    You can hope that this man will see the error of his ways but if he was a decent human being in the first place he would not have chosen to beat up this woman.

  • John Kimbrough

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my posting. I agree with what you have stated. He is a young man. He may become more decent in the future. I hope so. As a young boy living and growing up in Brooklyn Heights, I was sexually molested by a well – respected minister at a local church in the Heights when I was 13. He was in his late 60’s at the time. He had a doctorate. He was respected and educated. He was not decent. For any human being, well, I would never excuse this kind of behavior at all. My original statement was just as one of outrage as that of others who have expressed their opinions here. I never referred to this mugger as being a “decent” person…….

  • John Kimbrough

    Having worked with prisoners and ex-convicts in both Texas and Cambodia, I have seen people change. I have seen people recognize their mistakes. This young man will most likely spend 3-5 years incarcerated. He deserves it. Having been sexually abused in a church setting and environment as a child and bullied by my peers as a young man, I may have reason to feel more strongly regarding this then others. Lots of people do bad things. Some are caught, some are not. I am so thankful that this young man has been caught and that he will be punished. Any human being that beats, abuses or bullies another human being should be held to account. I just know, having also worked with alcoholics, and drug/substance abusers that people do change. I do not know enough about this young man’s background to think of him as being “incorrigible”. Perhaps you are right and he is.