Heights Casino Cuts Ivy, Doesn’t Call, Claims Neighbor

Now from the BHB Inbox,  a case of “you kids get out of my yard” :

I’m trying to find out more information about the Heights Casino and their plans for working on the back of their building. My wife and I moved to 28 Pierrepont, #1 back in May and had heard they were planning on doing some cleaning and renovations and would be removing the ivy. We were saddened to hear this as we enjoyed the ivy on the wall behind our apartment but they had to maintain their building.

This morning I awoke to discover that some time in the last week someone had been in our yard, moving items around so they could cut down the ivy. Why couldn’t the Casino have contacted us to to let us know they needed to be in our yard instead of having me find out by noticing things were moved around, some fencing broken and the ivy gone? I would have understood but I would also have preferred to know when people were going to be in our property.

I called the Casino this morning and will call again but I have a feeling any place that doesn’t tell you when people are going to be in your property, they’ll not be responsive. Anything you could add would be helpful. Thanks. And I really dig the blog.

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  • Andrew Porter

    Technically it’s your property, but the wall is *their* property, so… Periodically the Towers Hotel removes the ivy on their wall parallel with Hicks Street. I presume that the JWs take proper care to disturb their neighbors as little as possible.

  • http://sine.com Kaja

    Andrew – you’re suggesting a right-of-way argument? Poster’s made it sound like a dick move, and if the Heights Casino doesn’t want to splain things any different, then I’m sympathetic with the OP.

    It’s his backyard, nobody steps on it, this is America, etc.

  • my2cents

    I had a neighboring building do that to me too once. It pissed me off something terrible. They were repainting a wall that is next to my place. Their workmen came onto my patio and piled all my stuff on one side. But at least they put a dropcloth down.
    It makes you feel that your space has been violated. But on the other side at least they are trying to keep your stuff clean.
    That’s New York for you. Laws and courtesy don’t really apply.

  • my2cents

    Oh, I forgot to mention that there was no warning that they were doing this, and no apology or “thanks” afterward. Even a bottle of wine would have smoothed things over.

  • Jo

    Ironically, a bottle of wine is exactly what I received from my neighbor when his workmen dripped silver roof sealant onto my patio umbrella. I had to look up at those stain blotches for years…yet his small act made it seem OK.