Film Shooting Alert Tomorrow: TV Show “Damages”

The TV show “Damages”, starring local celebrity William Hurt, will be annexing parts of Montague and Hicks Streets tomorrow, from around 5am to 9pm, though whether the scenes will feature Mr. Hurt is not known. A local tipster overheard they would start towing cars tonight at 10pm. So if your car is parked around the vicinity of Montague and Hicks, and you’re reading this before 10pm, Move Your Car Now! If your reading this on Saturday, and you can’t find your car, now you know why.

Damages started its second season on FX Wednesday night.

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  • Drewb

    Also on the parking front. I noticed this morning that the DOT has put a bunch of orange slashes along the cars parked on Hicks St, b/w Joralemon and State. It appears as if they are planning some sort of parking reorganization. Anyone know what’s going there?

  • Publius

    I think William Hurt still lives among us. He was using the eliptical machine next to me at Eastern Athletic about a month ago.