State, Cuomo Call For SUNY/LICH Restructuring Before Considering Bailout

Following a vote last week by the SUNY Board to stand by closure of Long Island College Hospital—part of SUNY Downstate Medical Center’s network—state lawmakers & Gov. Cuomo said “no go” to potential bailout funds to save the ailing hospital… at least so far.

The state’s new budget, which the Senate began adopting Sunday, contains no new funds for LICH. The New York Daily News reports that SUNY officials, under the budget, must submit a restructuring plan for the hospital by June. A Cuomo aide said, “Once they come up with a plan, then we will work them on a source of funding. It makes sense, before you plunk down money, you come up with a plan that works.”

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher warned earlier this year that Downstate was losing $8 million a month and needed a taxpayer infusion of up to $150 million to survive the coming year. SUNY spokesman David Doyle said Sunday that it will “continue to work with our partners in government and the community to preserve and protect Downstate.”

On March 17, a judge ruled that the SUNY board’s decision to close Long Island College Hosptial violated New York State’s open meeting law and vacated its ruling to close the facility. In addition, the temporary restraining order that prevents SUNY from going ahead with its plan to close the hospital has been extended “indefinitely.”

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Support LICH !!!!

  • HenryLoL

    It’s dead and buried – thank goodness. Leave it alone. Move on. Next…

  • MonroeOrange

    Henry, when you have an emergency and there is no emergency room within 20mins, you will not be saying ‘thank goodness’….but judging from this and your past comments, you sound very young, and very unaware of the affect this closing will have on the older community of BH.

  • Omar

    Born and raised in Cobble Hill, Both parent deceased at LICH, but without LICH, they would never lasted as long as they both did without the love and care from LICH personnel. Save LICH thousands of residents need the hospital ER and other services.

  • Remsen Street RN

    LICH should remain open our community needs this hospital.
    My family depends on this hospital.
    I hope Governor Cuomo helps save LICH.

  • grateful patient

    LICH saved my life!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    It’s still on — fight to Save LICH!

  • L Woodley

    I’d like to see LICH saved for obvious reasons. The reality though is that this is a money losing enterprise that simply cannot sustain itself. Its a sign of the times , and with 100’s of millions waiting to be paid for the site, one has to consider.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Please read the articles posted on various internet sites and in newspapers about how LICH has been looted by first Continuum Health Partners and now SUNY. It has been set up to fail so that it can be sold for a payoff to save SUNY Downstate.

  • gbkm

    it’s not dead or buried yet & it going to stay that way

  • gbkm

    wrong. woodley. It’s not a “money loser”. it was coming well out of a hole & was just about back in the black when Downstate took it over. What happened? It’s being pilfered yet again. Haven’t you been to any of the meetings & gotten any of the facts? it IS sustainable if the raiders & mismanagers would just get out of it.

  • Heights Observer

    A neighborhood without an emergency room means that there is a greater chance you will die in an extreme case. In that event HenryLoL you will indeed “move on” to the afterlife.

  • Remsen Street RN

    I just found a petition to Save Lich from becoming luxury apartments. Go to and type in the search box Save Long Island College Hospital from becoming luxury .
    Please sign this petition. Thanks.