Court Puts LICH Closing Back On Ice

The temporary restraining order that prevents SUNY from going ahead with its plan to close Long Island College Hospital was, according to Crain’s NY Business, extended “indefinitely” today by Judge Johnny Lee Baynes. The issue, which Judge Baynes promised to review “expiditiously,” is whether the SUNY Board’s vote to close LICH in a meeting closed to the public violated an open meetings law. Crain’s speculates that, even if the Board were required to have a second, public meeting to consider the matter, it would still vote to close LICH.

Image: Brooklyn Eagle.

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  • Distressed

    There needs to be an investigation as well into where all the state grant money went! LICH is open!

  • concerned

    Has anyone heard the rumor that Continuum Health Partners deliberately drove Doctors Hospital on the UES into bankruptcy and turned it into high end real estate by deliberately underbilling for services?

  • sue

    yes its true continuum did that purposely. They are thieves

  • Boerum BIll

    I’m getting good at DIY sutures by practicing on a piece of veal.

  • Baddog

    Cuomo is in this so expect no investigation. See who his best man was at his wedding. AG is refusing to look into this despite possible illegal actions.

  • Wiley E.

    Cuomo is looking dirty if LICH closes and the Continuum scoundrels don’t go to jail for corruption.

  • Outraged

    But can you give yourself CPR or the paddles? Let me know if you figure it out. I’m embarrassed to say that my property value just went up in Windsor Terrace because I can still make it to Methodist or Mamonidies give or take a little traffic. But in ten years, they may not be there either so I better grab some veal.

  • Outraged

    Most Brooklynites I speak to are shocked that this kind of community neglect can actually be unfolding before us with no acknowledgement by Cuomo or Bloomberg as to how closing LICH will impact these neighborhoods and the other hospital emergency rooms! As for SUNY’s mismanagement and motives, everyone is turning a blind eye.

  • David on Middagh

    We never should have run Spitzer off. (For what, a little hypocrisy? A little cheating? Illegal sex? You can’t have everything in a governor.)

  • DS

    You may wish to check on that again, Cuomo is in opposition with SUNY in regards to the closing of the hospital. Cuomo has refused additional state funding and left the funding up the the SUNY accounts.

  • DS

    I dont see how this would have any merit or factual basis, whereas loss of funds come from non-payment, as opposed to under-billing.