Court Puts Brakes On LICH Closure

According to this NY1 story, a court has issued a temporary restraining order that blocks SUNY Downstate from implementing its just issued plan to close Long Island College Hospital. The judge who issued the order has scheduled a further hearing for March 7. Petitioners in this case are unions representing nurses and hospital workers; however, the NY1 story also quotes a “local resident” who recently used the LICH emergency room as saying the care provided there was “really good.” This is a developing story; we will monitor and keep you updated.

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I just may have uploaded a Save LICH poster/handbill — or maybe not! In any event, I have started distributing them around Montague Street for posting in various stores, pediatric dental office, etc. and the response is overwhelmingly positive. People talk about having their kids being born at LICH, how their lives were saved there and how they were helped by the ER, etc.

  • me again

    Did it upload now?

  • TeddyNYC

    I forgot to mention something I saw about ten days ago. I was driving on the Staten Island Expressway and saw one of those advertising trucks that had a save Long Island College Hospital banner on the back.

  • gbkm

    seen it all over the neighborhoods on the weekends. its like a huge billboard on wheels