SUNY Votes To Shut Down LICH

The SUNY Board of Trustees voted to close Long Island College Hospital today in a public meeting held in Westchester:

NY Daily News:  Shutting the 150-year-old Cobble Hill facility must be approved by the state Health Dept. and would take at least 90 days to complete. Layoff notices will go out to LICH’s 2000 employees “within days,” an official said.


“We are resource poor. We don’t have the financial sustenance to keep LICH open,” said SUNY chancellor Nancy Zimpher as SUNY trustees voted at the meeting held at state College at Purchase in Westchester.

More than 100 workers and former patients bused to the meeting by the nurses’ union chanted “The vote is fixed. Don’t close LICH” during the meeting.

Top photo via @ErinEBillups

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  • HenryLoL

    SUNY needs money — let them sell. Sorry unions… As for our hood, we have world-class hospitals minutes away.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Remember — it’s not over yet! We’ve only just begun to fight. Please join your neighbors for a candlelight vigil for LICH tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 20th) at 7 PM.

  • Mom


  • C.

    1. There are no hospitals “minutes” away. Maybe by helicopter.

    2. Minutes are never the difference between life and death right?

  • TeddyNYC

    Minutes away??? Can you loan me your helicopter if I have an emergency?

  • Wiley E.

    Your life is just as meaningless to us, as you are to the rest of the community. An accident could and maybe will happen to you one day. Rejoice in your riddance.

  • Still Here

    I was there yesterday for an out patient procedure. Yeah, the place is a bit tired looking but clean. Everyone was really super – the doctors, anesthesiologist, nurses, admissions, etc. It is too bad if they go.

  • Monnette Warren

    when the people running over the bridge to come to Brooklyn during a disaster, you find your world class hospitals in an emergency. Hope u can swim across the river

  • HenryLoL

    That is really intelligent, Wiley, E. You dont even know who I am, but I can be sure I lend more to this community and society in general than you. In any event, do you people have any idea how far most Americans travel to go to a hospital? We have every major hospital system in Manhattan just moments away. Get educated. And stop being so nasty.