Almondine is Back

The sight of this dog tethered outside the entrance was my clue that the popular DUMBO bakery is back in business. I walked up the stairs , opened the door, and voilà (photo after the jump):

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  • Joshua Goodman

    There were tweets about this a few days ago.. totally welcome news. Viva Almondine

  • Jorale-man

    I went in there today and it was doing a healthy business. At one point the line went to the front door. Good to have them back.

  • elemengee

    UMMMM Delish – So glad they’re back.

  • Andrew Porter

    As I noted on Curbed and Brownstoner, they wanted to raise $150K to restore the kitchen in the basement, which was totally destroyed by Sandy, but only raised $35K. The kitchen is, at the best of times, at or below sea level, so the next time there is flooding, it will be destroyed again.

    Jacques Torres, across the street, wisely moved all manufacturing elsewhere, having had the same problem.