Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 Comes To Life At Dusk

Here’s a sign of green things to come. Brooklyn Bridge Park’s five-acre Pier 5, which officially opened in December, was lighted at dusk Saturday night with folks kicking a ball around, as viewed from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Imagine the increased signs of life once the temps turn warm. Good things on the way.

The $26 million Pier 5 offers three multi-purpose sports fields and an adjacent picnic peninsula. (CT)

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  • gregoryds9

    that pier and all the rest had very good paying jobs, so no work no jobs but u can go (lol) to the park/ pier and live on a bench lmao……………….wow

  • Heights Observer

    Lights waaaay too bright when viewed from the Promenade. Very distracting. Can’t they be focused downward on the pier. It shouldn’t affect play on the pier, but it will help reduce some horrid super-bright light pollution from spilling out everywhere around. Wonder how people living within sight will feel about this.

  • David on Middagh

    Gregory, it’s a long way to Deep Space 9. Your transmission was garbled. Resend!

  • Jorale-man

    They’ve done a nice job with the pier. I wonder when we can expect the next big phase of the park to be completed. The progress on the uplands seems to be going kind of slowly though that may be attributed to the winter weather. Pier 2 is supposed to be finished by the end of the year too. We shall see…

  • Arch Stanton

    Are you trying to imply; the development of the park was the reason the piers closed?

  • Joe A

    Wow is right.

  • Boerum Bill

    Gregory could have been a contender.

  • B H’s people.

    Lights are
    “blindly” bright and very disturbing.

  • Andrew Porter

    I think what he’s saying is that when the piers were working, with ships docking, there were good paying stevedore jobs to be had. But the whole world of break bulk cargo is gone; today it’s containers or nothing, and those old piers are history all over.

  • Andrew Porter

    I notice the drainage pipes being positioned and installed on pier 4, so when they build the hills there they’ll already be in place. Nice collection of heavy pieces of granite; wonder how they’ll figure in the overall design.

  • dem

    lighting is way too bright . & very few people were using the field friday & saturday nights to justify using that wattage. i thought the park was suppposed to be a ” green ” environment.

  • Arch Stanton

    Exactly, those jobs were gone long before the park was even planned.

  • Wiley E.

    Stop wasting energy on lighting vacant space. Are you going to claim that you have to build condos to pay for high electric bills? Shame.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Anyone surprised by what a small percentage of the parks operating costs will be funded by the hotel/condo fees?

  • GHB

    I can see the fields being used in the evenings when the weather gets nice, but right now, those way-too-bright lights are illuminating a bunch of empty playing fields and Columbia Heights. What a waste of energy!

  • Pay Attention

    When Pier 1 opened, people complained about the bright lights. No one complains anymore. When Pier 6 opened people complained about the bright light, and then stopped. Same thing with the area around the carousel. In all those situations the Park folks were asked and told people that they need to “burn in” the lights by having them burn brighter at first before they lower them to their appropriate levels. For a bunch of people who are supposedly paying close attention to their surroundings, you guys seems to ask a lot of questions that have been answered years ago.

  • i’ll believe it when it happen

    we’ll see if that actually happens. also the lighting in the park by pier 1 is quite different.

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