Street Signs Tend To Be More Effective When Standing

While three may officially denote a trend, persistence also counts for something. (At least) two street signs in Brooklyn Heights have been laying dormant curbside for multiple weeks… Seems they might be more effective either standing or removed by DOT?

The first, “No Standing, Fire Zone,” at the corner of Remsen Street & Montague Terrace, has been in place on the pavement for more than a month… A second, perhaps more urgently noting parking regs, sets complacently on Montague Street between Clinton and Court streets. (CT)

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  • Sunflower

    Do you have to be reminded that we all are the eyes and ears of government. Or are you a victim of the nanny state, and are waiting for the government to take care of it. Posting photos and complaining on a blog is fun but doesn’t get the sign re-installed by DOT. So get in action and report the locations to 311. If you are like me and don’t trust dealing with 311, call the DOT sign shop out in Maspeth, Queens. Number is probably in the ‘on line’ Green Book. Or call their Brooklyn DOT Division at 16 Court Street at 718-222-7259. Their government relations person (can’t remember his name, but he attends community meetings) could assist you with this problem.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yes, I’ve done that for several fallen signs around BH. They give you a complaint number—I always call 311, they connect you to DOT—and generally it takes several weeks for the sign to be repositioned. If it’s been taken away or otherwise disappeared, the city has records of what goes where, and the signs will [eventually] be replaced. But like Sunflower said, complaining *here* does no good at all.

  • Chuck Taylor

    i’m not complaining, friends. i’m observing.

  • MonroeOrange

    well at least you could probably fight any tickets you get parked may not win, but you can fight it!