BBP Officially Opens $26M 5-Acre Pier 5

As planned, Brooklyn Bridge Park’s $26 million, five-acre Pier 5 opened today, offering three multi-purpose sports fields and an adjacent picnic peninsula. A full-on politico brigade joined the festivities at 11 a.m. Thursday morning, including NYC Mayor Bloomberg, BBP President Regina Myer, Brooklyn Borough Prez Marty Markowitz and State Senator Daniel Squadron.

Bloomberg offered, “The beautiful and innovative Brooklyn Bridge Park has quickly become one of the main attractions in the newly revitalized New York harbor. In summer 2012, the park welcomed 90,000 visitors per weekend. Starting today, New Yorkers and tourists alike will have even more reasons to visit.”

Meanwhile, the 244-foot Squibb Park Bridge is slated for completion in the next several weeks. Full press release about the Park’s progress is at BBP’s official website. (Photo: CT)

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  • DC

    Squadron was against the Park . Typical politician showing up when it’s a success and he’s was on the wrong side of the case. Slime.

  • Wiley E.

    Squadron wasn’t against the park at first, he was against the Condos inside the park. Then he flipped-sides when Bloomberg and the City took the site over from the State.

  • C.

    $26 million is the most expensive turf I’ve ever heard of.

  • gatornyc

    C., that isn’t just for the turf. It’s also for all of the structural work to all of the piles supporting the pier, the construction of the picnic peninsula, for the revertment that was built, etc. The turf itself was quite an undertaking as base had to be created for the entire field/pier and then the multi-layer turf was laid down. It is a very high quality turf (the same company did the field for Boston College among other professional fields) and remember it is huge! I watched the Pier being built every day. It may not look like it, but it was a huge project.

  • Strauss

    It works out to $120 / sf, to reclaim and rebuild this part of the parkland (5 acres, $26mm). That actually doesn’t seem that bad to me, in a geographic area in which a parking spot rents for about $250-300/month or more. Before I did the calculation, I thought it was ridiculous use of money; now, I feel better.

  • Jorale-man

    I went for a jog around it this morning. First impressions: It should be a very popular spot on summer evenings. It really juts out into the water and affords great breezes and views (or cold winds as the case may be). The turf does look fancy. I noticed it’s also a little worn in the center. I’m not sure what happened there?

    There are sinks for washing off fish at the far end – as well as signs cautioning you not to eat the fish!

    The picnic peninsula is well done. I especially like the rocky shoreline they’ve constructed. All in all, a fine addition to the park.

  • Boerum Bill

    Nice! I hope the B-52s play there next summer!

  • gatornyc

    jorale-man, the worn part in the center is just were in the infill hasn’t settled. The park staff is still working on finishing aspects of the turf such as the infill, the seams of the turf were it meets the concrete, etc.

  • yoohoo

    I also noticed “worn” patches along the edges. Operations director Jeff Sandgrund can probably explain them. The two playgrounds, robust picnic tables and benches (recycled wood), and particularly the shoreline that was created, look to be of top quality. A great addition to the park!

  • Jorale-man

    @gatornyc – interesting, thanks for the clarification.