Open Thread Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to Open Thread Wednesday for January 16, 2013. What’s in your head today? Comment away! (Pic from Saint Ann’s School’s Rubin Building on Piereppont Street/CT)

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  • Wiley E.

    Who dat?

  • T.K. Small

    Who dat, who say who dat?

  • michael

    How do we replace a tree in front of our building along WIllow Street that was brought down in one of the recent storms? Any suggestions on which groups / agencies to contact would be helpful.


  • Wiley E.

    I want her phone number.

  • God Almighty

    It’s Prom Gal

  • Wiley E.

    No, I don’t want her phone number then.

  • Thruxton

    None of us on here are near RICH enough for Prom Gal’s phone #. According to her we should all be so lucky to live amongst the elitist, arrogant rich people of BK Heights.

  • Jorale-man

    Does anyone know why Brooklyn Bridge Park has been closed off several mornings this past week? I often go jogging there around 7 am and there were fences literally closing off all the piers. There didn’t seem to be anything going on that necessitated them but who knows?

  • AnnOfOrange

    Trees – Go to the Brooklyn Heights Association website; they are collecting information about missing trees. The more reports the better. If you go through normal channels, which BHA can tell you about it can take years to get a tree replaced. If you go through the NYC Parks Foundation you used to be able to pay about $1,200 “donation” and get expedited planting. My experience was that the expedited tree was a terrible little ugly tree. I wouldn’t do that again.

  • Michael


    Thanks for the info.

  • David G.

    Do you like the Bagel place on Clinton?
    Red Gravy?

    Trees- Milion trees NYC

  • liam

    last evening i was sitting in my car on willow st waiting for 6:00 pm to be legal. about 5:53 these two parking control officers come prancing down the street and start ticketing every car where the owner had left a little early. i guess they dont give you a break. i could see them doing it at 5:30, but with about 5 mins left seems excessive !

  • GHB

    Last night around 11:00, there was a huge truck on Clark betw. Columbia Hts and Willow, taking up most of the block. There’s no way he could have made a turn, so I assume he backed out. There were cars parked on both sides and he clipped a few side mirrors in the process. Cops were there. Anyone got more details?

  • Gerry

    @ Thruxton – We live an affluent lifestyle here in Brooklyn Heights and no editor of this blog has any problem with my posts.

    Your threat to “bring a mob” to Montague Terrace could be seen as a TOS Violation and it is laughable — if your mob arrived I would hit a panic button have NYPD here FAST my security system protects us my wife, young children, nanny, pets, etc. I am not afraid of an ugly freak like you and her mob.

    I do admit to being an elitist yes thats true and if you were me you would feel elite also

    It is not illegal to be elite it is within my right as an American to be an elitist did you know that?

    None of my posts are objectionable each is within TOS rules and are published daily on this blog – if you dont like my posts do not read them.

    Please keep you mob away from me.

  • Gerry

    @ WillowNabe – I graduated from Boston College and the London School of Economics where I met people who had mentored me to the level of success I enjoy today.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Gerry, why don’t you use your brilliance and start your own blog? you could comment on your favorite topic, yourself, 24/7, without making BHB a drag.

  • Gerry

    @ Hicks St Guy – i have a blog and a website managed by my employees yes there is mention of ME but otherwise it is about business and industry.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Is there one thread where Gerry doesn’t impose his obnoxiousness.

    Yes Gerry you are an elite in the pantheon of obnoxious blowhards. Congratulations.

  • God Almighty

    Oh why don’t you all just leave Gerry alone. He posts because he knows he’s getting under your skin. If you just ignore him he’ll go away.

  • JaMon

    Will there ever be a day when I get to walk down Court Street or enter the 4/5 train station and not be asked for money or, for a swipe of my MetroCard?

  • JT


    Yes. It will be the same day I get to walk down Columbia Heights and not step in multiple piles of dog sh*t.

  • WillowNabe

    God Almighty,
    From your lips to God’s ears.

  • harumph

    Not to change the subject, BUT, I bumped into Mohammed (ex-employee of Key Food and well loved by all shoppers and neighbors) – he is doing well (he is still tall) and his moving business is bustling. Still miss him and seeing his smile when I walk down Montague or shop – he still remembered the names of my children too – crazy that!

  • Cascascas

    @JaMon – yes – it will be the day when everyone in this country has the opportunity to find fruitful, gainful employment and when there is a decent social safety net for those who can’t. Until then, you might want to count yourself among the fortunate and be a little more tolerant.

  • Moni

    Good afternoon folks. Did anyone listen to Pres. Obama’s speech today on our right to walk down Court Street or wherever without being blown away by a freak with an assault weapon? Judging by the response from the opposition I’ve heard so far, the NRA and other gun pushers will continue to recommend more gun-packing teachers, principals, etc. as a”solution” to the regularly occurring carnage.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    A graduate of Boston College ought to think twice before announcing to the world that “if you were me you would feel elite also.”

  • T.K. Small

    This weekend I took the plunge and bought a Samsung Galaxy S III, becoming one of the last people in Brooklyn Heights to get a smartphone. It took me this long because the technology and software were not developed to the point that it could be easily made accessible to my needs. So far I’ve been able to connect it directly into my wheelchair via a micro-USB cable, which acts as an external mouse. While this is an improvement over my old dumb phone, I am only able to take advantage of a small portion of the phone’s functionality. If there are any Android experts that would be willing to help explore solutions, I would be greatly appreciative!

  • WillowNabe

    You left out the London School of Economics. I know a young lady who graduated from LSE and she’s a genius. Doubtful that Gerry falls into that category.

  • Gerry

    @ Topham Beaucheck – I am a most fortunate personnearly everything I have touched has turned to gold and BC Development Office are happy for me as well they love our checks.

    @ WillowNabe – is that Alison Derosa?

    Ms. Derosa had been my mentee in the mentoring pogram my prodigy has done very well here in NYC my hope is that she will become as great as I have we may take her on as a partner here.

  • Gerry

    @ Cascascas – your post is on target the day each American is provided for is the day i can rest.

    In the meanwhile humanity is our priority and here we do what we can for those who have so many needs and I am privileged to help.

    Thank you for your sensitivity YOU are a refreshing voice here among these mean spirtited people who hold disdain for me due to my good fortune….