With Scaffolding Down, 55 Pierrepont Street At Last Sees The Light

The handsome building at 55 Pierrepont Street (which has quite a storied past: whores! gays!) is again seeing the light, as the scaffolding that has shrouded it for more than two years (a building worker confirms) at last has come down. In addition to (senior) residential, the 17-story building houses the Brooklyn Heights Association, Brooklyn Women’s Exchange and St Charles Jubilee Senior Center. According to Property Shark, it was constructed in 1920.

Unfortunately, down the street at 25 Pierrepont, residents are not so lucky. The scaffolding that has wrapped around both the front and side of that building along Willow Street, remains locked in place, with a “For Sale” sign slapped alongside.

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  • lori

    It was originally The Pierrepont Hotel, a first class hotel with restaurant and party rooms. That lasted until the 1970s/80s when it fell among hard times. It is currently a residence for elderly and disabled administered by Catholic Charities. The Brooklyn Women’s Exchange rents the storefront space on ground level and the Brooklyn Heights Association rents office space on the second floor. The St. Charles Jubilee Senior Center occupies the separate section on the left. The new lobby of the residence is spectacular. It has been a difficult time for the people of the residence and the senior center during the renovation, but it is finally nearly completion. All of the apartments received upgraded kitchens and baths and new mailboxes are being installed.

  • lori

    The building at 25 Pierrepont Street is another story. It has changed ownership several times over the past few years. Months ago, a piece fell off the facade and the city put up the scaffolding that is now in place. Apparently, the owners do not have the money to make all repairs so that the scaffold can be removed. A difficult problem that I hope is solved soon.

  • Andrew Porter

    During much of the hottest time last summer, the BHA offices were without air conditioning, as the building has been extensively rewired.

  • lori

    The senior center was without air conditioning the entire summer; an extremely unsatisfactory situation. In fact, in previous summers it was a local cooling center, but not the past summer.

  • Alec

    finally. now only 80% of this block is covered with scaffolding instead of 95%. when’s 68 coming down?

  • Gerry

    @ lori – thank you for the history of this property your vast knowlegde is appreciated.

    Do you know if there had been tennis courts on the property at 2 Montague Terrace run by the Heights Casino in the 1920’s and 1930’s?

  • In the know


    You are mistaken, 25 Pierrepont Street is currently undergoing an extensive renovation. The 14 unit building has been subdivided into a 3K SF, single family townhouse (152 Willow Street) and a 9 unit rental building on the corner of Pierrepont and Willow.

    The were repairs made to the parapet, and the scaffold will be down this week.

  • lori

    In the Know: On Jan 9th you said the scaffold will be down this week – Jan 18th – it’s still up