So What’s the Deal with Toys at Chapin Playground?

A few commenters (and Mrs. Fink) were wondering what the deal was with toys disappearing from the Harry Chapin Playground last month.  We’d reached out to the playground committee but received no response.   Over the holiday, WPIX-TV revealed that the NYC Parks Department is behind many of they toys being removed:

WPIX: But some parents are outraged that the city’s Parks Department has started throwing some of them out because they  “don’t meet our safety standards.”

Some parents say that if they are still in good condition why not just leave them for the children.  Some say the city needs to lighten up.

The Parks Department tells us in a statement: ”There was never a formal program to house donated toys at Chapin playground.  At our sole discretion, and in effort to maintain a safe play space, we discard items as they become broken or appear dangerous.”


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  • Mr. Crusty

    @Gerry the reason people don’t just ignore your racist comments is that it effects all of us. One of the knocks on Brooklyn Heights is that it is stuffy, elitist and not very welcoming. I don’t believe that for a moment and think BH is a fantastic neighborhood with wonderful people. Unfortunately you epitomize every negative stereotype of BH with almost every post.

    This was brought out most vividly during the entire hot dog vendor episode where the community got quite a black eye because of some repugnant comments that were made in this blog including this gem , “disgusting food served by disgusting people to disgusting people”. if I recall correctly you called the vendor a “slob”. These comments hurt the reputation of BH. If such comments go unanswered it only makes things worse.

    So no, I will not just ignore your comments any more than I would ignore a racist joke being told in my presence lest people think I share those sentiments.

  • Gerry

    @ Harumph – i am sorry that you had a negative nanny expereince. My remarks are not racist I see what I see. LONG before I became a parent I had observed nannies ignore children at the Pierrrepont Playground. My observations with the stories I hear from other parents resulted in our decision to hire an aupair — she is a great from Germany and a stunning beauty who has become a member of our family we love her like a daughter.

    @ Matt – you need to work at brevity your post is way too long – and take it from Harumph a 2 years old will get upset about everything thats called the “terrible twos”.

  • Gerry

    @ Y’all – anyone who does not like my postss should skip over them do not read what I have to say.

    @ Thurxton – the day i waste one minute of my valuable time meeting a freak like you will be a day to never come i am way to busy to explain myself to you and I could care less about your opinion on anything you have to say do you understand that?.

    This is a blog in the United States of America and I am allowed my views and my opinions and I have no interest in anyones opinion of me here.

    Why do so many people on this blog forget MY Freedom of Speech? I allow freaks like Crusty to exist here ignoring him at all times and I feel that these bloggers should give me the same space.

    If you dont like my posts dont read them!

  • Gerry

    @ GHB – Thank you for your support.

  • Jdf

    @crusty, if you have no interest in anyone’s opinion or their opinion of you, then why do you post your pontifications with multiple posts on almost every single topic on the blog? Is it just to enlighten the rest of us or to hear yourself speak because in any other forum no one would care to?

  • Gerry

    @ Jdf – Crusty does not need to explain himself to anyone – but i bet that he will!

    FYI its a blog a place to express ideas etc, some of us need approval and others do not need approval.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @jdf I think your comment should be directed at Gerry should it not? He is the one that says he doesn’t care about anyone’s position not I.

    @Gerry you ALLOW me to exist here? Good one. Well in that case I am much appreciated of your generous beneficence.

  • Jdf

    Long day. I actually meant my comments for Gerry. Apologies.

  • Mr. Crusty

    No problem

  • Thruxton

    @Gerry your way too busy doing what? Writing racist comments on the BHB?

    Your calling me a freak? Really? You need to look in the mirror pal.

    Don’t forget that you brag about what street you live on……

  • Gerry

    @ jdf – good thing for you being dumb is not illegal to say Crusty when you mean Gerry is a dumb mistake get with the program wake up and smell the coffee dope.

    @ Thruxton – my remarks are not racist had they been racist they would be deleted by the BHB – and I have a job, I have a home, etc. I have more responsibilites than I can count and therefore i have no time to meet you.

    Now I am off to Hofstra U Swim Center and on to work TGIF and y’all have a nice weekend!

  • Mr. Crusty

    Gerry is apparently under the belief that if you reveal yourself to be a racist by your comments BHB would delete them. Of course that is not correct nor would any of us want that to be the case. you are completly free to make a fool of yourself without interference from the editors. Obviously if someone used offensive and insulting words to describe minorities they have and will remove the offensive comments but one’s ideas are untouched no matter how repugnant.

    No, one can quite clearly reveal their character without such vulgarities and Gerry is exhibit one.

  • MontTer

    Gerry has an aupair from Germany. Is he paying her appropriately or his he exploiting her to the last penny like so many other aupairs are? He certainly sounds like someone who has the means to pay a fair wage. I guess the other foreign language speaking nannies at the playground he cant afford to pay.

    It does worry me though that he calls her a beauty. It makes him sound creepy. He probably opted for the blond, blue eyes model and hoped for a little bit more than just watching the kids.

  • GHB

    Remember Helga on Hogan’s Heroes? That’s what I’m picturing from Gerry’s description.

  • MonroeOrange

    Yes Gerry calling her a beauty was super creepy! Glad someone else caught that!

    Gerry….if the majority of people who read your comments got the impression that there was a good deal of racist elitism in them, you should take a good look in the mirror and maybe realize you were the one who should try to change and become a better person. For the very least, so your kids won’t grow up to be am arrogant racist bunch like their father is! You mentioned you are in the media, I would love for the public to identify you and see your career go into the toilet after they read your racist comments.

    Only you can change your ways, I hope you grow up and do so!

  • Gerry

    @ MonroeOrange and the rest, — Again my remarks are NOT racist had they been racist they would deleted by the BHB.

    However if you feel that my remarks are racist than thats OK with me in fact i could care less about your opinion of me or about anything else.

    At this time we are leaving the children with the stunning beauty and going to the Heights Casino to meet our freinds for dinner have a nice weekend everyone!

  • silly

    did i really have to read this and waste my time?…I’m heading out to play in the park with my kids…maybe there will be toys, maybe there won’t be…We will still have fun. hope to see you all and the nannies there! happy new year.

  • Mr. Crusty

    The poor members of The Casino that have to be associated with this creep.

  • pankymom

    OMG, Gerry is totally slobbering around after the hot au pair. Wait until she complains to the nice civil rights lawyer she’s dating. :)

  • God Almighty

    While I don’t always agree with Gerry, nothing he said was “racist”. Folks, get your definitions clear. Too many people are quick to cry foul on the race card, fear of not conforming to the “PC” doctrine is to blame.

  • Knight

    Dear God Almighty: I may be inclined to agree with you, but only as regards this particular thread. Gerry’s remarks here have been insular, biased, prejudiced and narrow-minded but by strict definition not actually “racist.” However, if we re-read his past posts on other threads, I feel that you & I will both agree with the majority.

  • Marmac

    I was wondering why so many people were commenting about the toys at Chapin. Now I see, it’s about Gerry. I read all of his comments and wonder if this is some type of performance art on his part. Racist or not, the sentiments are clear. He is clearly bothered by seeing kids being cared for by foreign women and we all know what type of foreign women he means. So he apted for an au pair from Germany, i.e., of fair skin and hair. I’m sure this au pair’s first language wasn’t English. But that’s okay because, well, we all know, don’t we? And seriously, calling the au pair a “stunning beauty” and in the same breath, someone who’s thought of as a daughter in his family, is beyond creepy.

  • sushi

    BHB is becoming the Jerry Springer show of the cyberworld. The pile-on happening in this thread is pathetic. Meanwhile, the blog owners do and say nothing. Gets my vote for least classy neighborhood (and blog) in Brooklyn considering the people (and their many sock puppets) who post here.

  • Gerry

    @ pankymom – get your mind out of the gutter at my house its momogomy or the door and i love my wife and family. Here a 51yo man does not sleep with a 20 year old woman I am no Bill Clinton my wife is no Hillary Clinton and Irene is no Monica Lewinsky again she is like a daughter to us and we love her.

    @ GodAlmighty these freaks made my observation of non English speaking help into racism thanks for pointing out that “Speaking languages other than English” is not racist.

    @ Marmas – my comments flow from my demographic profile we are republicans who attend the Unitarian Church of All Souls in Manhattan where the inherent worth and dignity of every being is to be accpeted and respected – even mine!

    @ sushi – you said it Jerry Springer Brooklyn Heights more white trash post comments on this blog than I have the time to read – whats interesting is that these freaks seem to think that i am interested in what they have to say?

    Again, readers of this blog who do not like my posts should ignore them do NOT read my posts do what I do with the posts from Mr. Crusty ignore them skip right over to the next post its easy try that when you see a post from Gerry OR you can accept my right to Freedom of Speech that goes for me also God Bless America!

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Gerry “whats interesting is that these freaks seem to think that i am interested in what they have to say?”

    As evidenced by his post in which he responds to 5 different posters.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Gerry :”the inherent worth and dignity of every being is to be accpeted

    And here is Gerry again accepting the dignity of others:

    “The only kids we see play with these toys are the ones who are tended by hired help who sit among each other speaking languages other than English and ignoring their charges working to get a green card not really caring for children.”

  • pankymom

    Gerry! We’re THRILLED that in your house 51 year old guys don’t bang the 20 year old au pair … but don’t think for a moment we think you ain’t TRYIN’. Oh, and Hillary has never had time for a loser like you.

    … maybe you should catch a clue and quit posting here.

  • Gerry

    @ pankymom – your posts are foolish have gone from foolish to very foolish.

    We recall how sad Mrs. Clinton looked after her husband had HAD a 19yo mentally unstable woman who has an eating disorder on her knees in a government office.

    And Mrs. Clinton would hang with you?

    Last year State of New York Assemblyman Nick Perry (D – Flatbush) introduced us to Mrs. Clinton she was lackluster the meeting/event was forgetable.

    Monogamy is the rule at our house and I have no desire to engage in sexual activity with the 20yo stunning beauty because my 46yo wife is even more stunningI

    I am married to the most beautiful woman in Brooklyn Heights maybe the most beautiful woman in the world.

    I would never hurt my wife the way President Clinton hurt Mrs. Clinton.

    Your posts have become as foolish as those of Mr. Crusty and so from this point on I ignore your posts also.

    And here its time for dinner!

  • Jazz

    Gerry has just crafted the perfect troll comment here. We are in the presence of a Master Troll. Respect.

  • pankymom

    Gerry, you _can’t_ ignore anyone on this list which is why we keep tossing the ball to you. Please stop folding Greta’s laundry for a second (she hates that and it freaks out The Most Beautiful Woman in Brooklyn Heights.) Among your numerous personal details you say you’re a republican. Are you, like, a “cultural” republican? A sort of theoretical one? Because actually nobody seems to really be willing to be a politically active republican any more — right? Please, tell us more about what makes you tick.