DUMBO Art Sale

BHB pal/Brooklyn Tattoo owner Adam Suerte and other artists will be selling their work for $100 or less Saturday and Sunday (12/13, 12/14)  during Open Editions at reBar [147 Front Street] in DUMBO.  The event will take place both days from 12pm – 6pm and, in addition to Suerte, feature:  Louis Barak, Marianne Barcellona, Cannonball Press, Mark Crosby, Leah Durner, Anne Gilman, Melora Griffis, Jonathan Herbert, Jimmie James, Dale Kaplan, Stefan Killen, Yashua Klos, Michelle Mazzarino, Craig Anthony Miller, Gigi SpratleyJoshua Wolfe and many more.

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  • suerte

    Homer, you are always such a pal plugging my hustles…there will be some great art going on dow there, everyone should check it out – Suerte

  • suerte

    I wish I was as controversial as other BHB posts so I can gain more comments,,

  • suerte

    Hey Homer,
    3 sets of people came by my table today saying they heard about the event through BHB, thanks so much, two even bought prints and one said as new residents of the Heights, they found BHB very cool and helpful.. Thanks bro!

  • Homer Fink

    I’ll be there tomorrow!

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    Me, too.

  • bk heights girl

    hey homer,

    thanks from one of the print buyers,
    i wouldn’t have known about the event if it wasn’t for you,
    being a happy reader of BHb.

    thanks Homer and Adam,

  • suerte

    Today was an even greater success than yesterday, I couldnt believe all the poeple who came by and said they had heard about the event from this blog. Homer, I can’t thank you enough. And thanks to al the people that bought stuff, and even those who just came by to say hi. It’s nice to know there a a bunch of people in the heights who will have my work on their walls, thanks thanks thanks- Suerte©